Adobe Camera Raw 8.6RC is now available

If you have a new camera or new lens that isn’t currently covered by Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), release candidate 8.6 is now available in Adobe Labs for use by Photoshop CS6-CC-CC(2014) and Lightroom 5. However, be aware that ACR 8.6 is no longer supported on Mac OS 10.6.x (Snow Leopard), Windows XP, or Windows Vista. If you are still using those OSes, stick to what you have.

Apple fixes iMovie crash bug

On Tuesday, Apple released a minor software update for iMovie for Mac, updating the video editing app to v10.0.4. This update’s major purpose is not to bring new features, but to fix a issue that causes the app to crash while editing videos. In addition, the update includes the usual stability improvements in its list of changes.

Review: Apogee MiC 96k USB microphone

Everybody has a podcast. Even if you don’t think you do, you’re wrong. Search iTunes and you’ll find you’ve already made 50 episodes of The Custom Mayonnaise Review and guested twice on Doug Loves Movies. But as podcasts become ubiquitous, the production standards get higher. The internal mic on your laptop won’t cut it; you need a mic that can make it sound like your living room is a studio. Enter the Apogee MiC 96k USB microphone.

Apple issues iMovie for Mac update

Apple has released v10.0.3 of iMovie for Mac, bringing in new usability features and several bug fixes. First among the new features is the option to sort events in the sidebar by date, adjusting transition by double-clicking transition, and the ability to crop and rotate clips in events. iMovie for Mac now also lets you change the font, size and color of new titles.

Seen @ Macworld: VOX music player

The VOX music/radio player for Mac has been around for a while, but there are some new tricks in the works, not the least of which is SoundCloud integration, as well as the ability to stream just about any audio file format. In addition, scheduled for a fall release in 2014 is a new iOS version.

Appidemic: PicGIF for Mac

You’ve all seen the animated GIFs on the various entertainment news sites, right? Those looping animations of bizarre facial reactions or of dancers falling down for our entertainment? They can be quite comical and they can be quite annoying, but either way, they’re now very easy to make with apps such as PicGIF from Pearl Mountain Technology.

TwelveSouth delivers software upgrade, Mavericks compatibility to BassJump 2

If you want more oomph from your MacBook’s speakers, TwelveSouth’s BassJump 2 can deliver enhanced low-end sound without adding all the bulk of traditional external speakers. The company has just updated the software that handles the audio processing for this external subwoofer, delivering new features and full OS X Mavericks compatibility.

Apple releases GarageBand update for Macintosh

On Wednesday, Apple released a GarageBand update for with bug fixes and stability enhancements for the Mac version of the music software. Apple launched the redesigned app during the same media event in which the company introduced OS X Mavericks and updated several iLife apps (including iPhoto and iMovie), and even made the iOS versions free with the purchase of any new iOS device.

Appidemic: VOX music/radio player for OS X

I’m not one of those people who needs to knock iTunes. It’s never been the most streamlined program, but it serves its purpose well. Sometimes, though, its purpose isn’t your purpose. Sometimes you want to listen to audio in other formats, such as FLAC or OGG. Sometimes you want your music player to fade into your desktop instead of serve as a garish, buzzing neon sign to push album sales. In that case, VOX may be the way to go.

Boinx Sommerfest has arrived with plenty of savings

What? You don’t know what Boinx Sommerfest is? Fair enough, but you surely know who Boinx are. They’re the company that brought Mac users FotoMagico 4, iStopMotion 3, and BoinxTV, and now they’ve placed them all on sale. From now until August 25th, you can get each for 30% off the normal price. But that’s not all…

Sony updates SpectraLayers Pro 2 for Mac/PC

Sony Creative Software has released an upgrade for their “audio spectrum editing” software SpectraLayers Pro 2. The upgrade brings seamless integration with the also updated Sound Forge Pro 11, but that version is PC only, so it doesn’t really do much good to talk about that here. SpectraLayers Pro 2 has plenty more going for it, though, that’ll please its Mac users.

Apple launches Logic Pro X with Drummer and Flex Pitch

Early today, Apple launched an updated version of Logic Pro X. The professional audio software appears to be entirely redesigned with several new features and lots of touch integration for interacting with the software. One feature that highlights this interaction is the new virtual drummer that follows along with the user and plays in a range of different drum styles.