iPhone 6 bullet point impressions

Short version, it’s awesome.

Take selfies better with Satechi’s Smart Selfie Extension Arm Monopod

Despite popular convention, selfies don’t have to look bad.

Our totally unnecessary iPhone 6 unboxing video

Watch me open a box and react accordingly.

iOS 8 adoption crosses 20% in 24 hours

20%? Are the other 80% of you in some kind of trouble?

The Best Free Apps for September 19, 2014

Swipe instead of type with SwiftKey and TouchPal, and make your Zen garden epic.

iPhone 6 teardown reveals 1GB of RAM yet again

The new iPhone’s here! Let’s tear it into pieces!


iPhone 6 drop test results in cracked screens

Of course, you could buy a case…or just not drop your phone.

iPhone 6 case spotlight: Rokform

iPhone cases that offer tough protection and can open your beer.

PromptSmart turns your iPhone into a teleprompter

Ditch the teleprompter and download PromptSmart, your own personal speech assistant app.

Misfit Flash is the best deal out there for activity trackers

Misfit Flash has the Misfit Shine’s best features encased in an extremely durable and waterproof soft-touch plastic case that comes in seven different colors.


Analyst: Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launch weekend sales may disappoint

Record preorders does not a successful launch make.

Kickstarter Find: Transit XS portable Bluetooth speaker

The Transit XS packs Soen’s amazing audio tech into a smaller and more versatile package.