Revenge of the dorks – are voice telephony tablets the next trend?

What would the supercilious arbiters of cool say about using tablets for voice calls?

The Best Free Apps for August 22, 2014

Whether you’re fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, or star photography, we’ve got a free app for you.

Appidemic: Create your travel guide with Spottly for iPhone

Have travels, will share.

Kickstarter Find: Revocharge magnetic wireless charging for iPhone

Sync and charge all your gadgets from one station.

Etherlords combines world building and monster battles on iOS

Play in asynchronous PvP battles until your batteries run out, not your “stamina.”

Research says iMessage accounts are behind 30% of messaging spam

Your annoying ex is behind the other 70%.

Explore your universe with Star Walk 2

You had me at “plausible three-dimensional models of planetary nebulae.”

Walmart discounts iPhone 5s to $79, iPhone 5c to $0.97

For those lacking the patience and/or funds for the iPhone 6 next month.

iPad Air getting 2GB of RAM for multi-window multitasking?

Distancing the iPad Air from the iPad mini, performance-wise, would be a good idea.

Flappy Bird developer launches new Swing Copters game

Get it quickly…you never now how long it’ll be available.

Rumor: 128GB iPhone 6 will be an option

If true, the 128GB iPhone 6 will replace one of the previous options, but not the one you’d expect.

Save $75 on a new iPad Air at Best Buy’s one-day sale

Save another $50 if you have a student discount.