Enhance your Evolve experience with Evolve: Hunters Quest

Evolve players have good reason to check this one out.

Sons of Anarchy now a story-based game for iOS

Who wants another story-based game based on a popular TV show that’s released in episode format?

The Best Free Apps for January 30, 2015

Defend the universe, then get started on your taxes.

Yet it Moves now moving on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Another victory for Galileo and mathematicians everywhere.

Motrr Galileo now supports iPhone 6, “video calling robot” app

Handy, but has it learned the three laws of robotics?

Review: Mean Girls: The Game for iOS

As another Tina Fey creation would say: “Blerg.”

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy now remastered for iOS, Mac, more

A supernatural tale of murder, mystery, and MFi controls.


1Password updated on Mac and iOS

Because it’s hard to remember where you put that exclamation mark.

Apple Pay reaches PGA Tour

Apple Pay is going golfing.

App Store downloads reach record high

9.2 million App Store downloads in December.

Minesweeper now playable in Notification Center

Check today’s agenda, then immediately get distracted.


Missouri state rep. wants Apple Pay users to show ID

Democratic Rep. Joshua Peters needs a TouchID demo, it would appear.