Apple Pay grows to support 90% of US credit cards

Now, if we could just get more of the major retailers on board…

Appidemic: Sneaky Sneaky for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Sneak around just about everyone and everything to get back what you’d rightfully stolen.

Pronto and Peel deliver iPhone-based Smart Universal Remote

Goodbye multiple remotes, hello simplicity.

North America can finally Battle for the Throne

Strategic kingdom-building gameplay and TCG-esque combat.


iOS 8.1.2 update – still an unrefined underperformer

iOS 8 continues to be the most stubbornly problematic version of Apple’s mobile OS yet.

Appidemic: Shadowrun Dragonfall – Director’s Cut for iPad

Shadowrun Dragonfall has everything we love about role-playing games…

Review: Gentle Wake Alarm Clock for iOS

Whether you want to be awakened by wind chimes or bag pipes, this app has you covered.

Review: Dragon Quest III for iPhone and iPad

Great for fans of RPG nostalgia. Not so much for everyone else.

New iOS app takes everyone Live in Japan

Hear all your bands at Budokan.

The Best Free Apps for December 12, 2014

Marvel heroes and villains, pirates, and mystical Peggle Masters.

Google app for iOS updated

One tap search, built-in maps, material design and more.

Appidemic: Let Us Prey: Surrender to Hell for iOS

Even the walls are out to kill you.