Control demons or humans in Hell: Fight for Gilrand

The angelic and peaceful kingdom of Gilrand is in great danger.

New versions of Tweetbot coming to iOS and Mac

Considering Tweetbot is such a vital resource to the world of Twitter, this is exciting news.

Unkilled coming soon to iOS and Android

Unkilled is a first person shooter that gets players right in the fray of a zombie outbreak.

The Best Free Apps for February 27, 2015

YouTube Kids, wizards for hire, and a programmable, candy-like button.

Europe could get Apple Pay in mid-April

Visa Europe is setting up payment terminals that will support tokenization.

League of Angels coming soon to iOS and Android

Train over 100 heroes and angels to be a true legend.

You may want to pre-register now for Final Fantasy: Record Keeper

Something for the “nostalgian” in every Final Fantasy fan.

Chase activates 1M Apple Pay wallets

Not surprisingly, Apple Pay use comes mainly from younger customers with high income.

Marvel Mighty Heroes announced for iOS and Android

A more family friendly version of Marvel Contest of Champions, it would seem.

Apple Maps getting upgrades from GasBuddy and GreatSchools

Apple Maps has gotten its fair share of criticism, but it continues to make improvements.

“Killer App” for Apple Watch (and the Mac) announced

Send messages to Mac and (soon) iOS and Apple Watch users with predefined replies.

Review: AG Drive for iOS harks back to the days of Wipeout

The graphics give you a taste of how racing will be in the near future.