Appidemic: Bubble Bath Blast for iOS

What happens when you put a pig in a bubble bath?

Galactic Nemesis for iOS review

In the grand tradition, it’s you against a horde of aliens. Start shooting.

The five best Marvel games for mobile devices

Effectively answering the question, “How can I kick someone in the face for justice?”

Marvel Future Fight is our favorite free app of the week

Collect and assemble your own team of heroes to fight in the epic battle that will decide the fact of all realities.

Sports scores delivered directly to your Apple Watch

“No, honey, I’m totally focused on you right now, I’m just checking the time.”

GameAgent reveals May the 4th Star Wars game sale

Meanwhile, my calls for a national Ice Pirates day continue to go unanswered.

BeatDefense combines missiles and music for iOS and Android

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Wings! Remastered Edition now scrambling for Mac

“Grab your flight jacket, take to the skies and give the enemy hell!”

So anyway, Galaga: TEKKEN 20th Anniversary Edition exists

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Band Stars gets Pitch Perfect 2, terrifying avatars

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Hands-on with Wrassling for iOS, Android

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Star Wars Pinball: Star Wars Rebels awakens this week

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