Physics puzzler Gunpowder moseys onto iPad

Keep the west wild with this explosive physics puzzler.

Pelican secures the Vault with its iPad Air 2 and iPad mini cases

iPad mini models available now, iPad Air 2 coming in April.

Marvel Mighty Heroes hits iOS today

Another promising title from DeNA, this tim a co-op action RPG set in the Marvel universe.

WWE 2K coming soon to a mobile device near you

Where every match can include Daniel Bryan.

First look at Adobe Comp – the digital napkin for iPad

Easily create mock ups of your creative designs on your iPad.

Hands-on with the Textkraft 3.2 iPad text processor update

TextKraft, Infovole’s powerful text app, just keeps getting better and better.

Appidemic: Gang Nations for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Gang violence hasn’t been this funny since Rumble Fish!

Next Games makes its iOS debut with Compass Point: West

With talent from Rovio, Supercell and Disney, you just know it has to come with its own comic book.

MetAir Solstice Portable Power for outdoors, emergencies

MetAir gives you a fuel cell for extended power outages.

Become a powerful mage in Warhammer: Arcane Magic for iOS

Assume the roles of famous wizards from the Warhammer world.

All UK MPs getting iPad Air 2s

Remember, remember, the fifth of November, cellular, WiFi and 16GB of storage.

Periscope is our favorite free app of the week

Honorable mentions: Final Fantasy Record Keeper and Layout from Instagram.