Here’s why you need the Just Mobile AluCable Flat

You may think the Lightning cable Apple included with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is enough. You may be right. But it’s not for me. I use my iPhone and iPad pretty much everywhere, and I don’t want to have to drag my cable along with it. Plus, I have a few docks that didn’t come with cables, but support them. For uses like this, Just Mobile’s AluCable Flat is an excellent replacement.

Apple’s A8 system-on-chip isn’t even out yet, but A9 rumor mills are already grinding

Apple is widely anticipated to be launching a presumably quad core, 64 bit, ARM based A8 central processor system-on-ship in a few weeks to power the new iPhone 6 and the next round of upgrades to the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display. The A8 SoC is plenty exciting, but there’s always something newer and faster coming next as chip foundaries vie for Apple orders.

Sleep smart with the Beddit Sleep System from Misfit

Some people like to read in bed. Some very misguided people think it’s a decent place to hold a conversation. Me? I like using my bed for sleep. And thanks to Misfit, I can also now use it to monitor my sleep with the Misfit Beddit Sleep System. Integrating with the Beddit Sleep Monitor and advanced signal processing technologies, Beddit measures the quality of your sleep using heart rate, respiration, movement, snoring, and sound.

The Best Free Apps for July 11, 2014

if you’re a fan of the Assassin’s Creed series, you’ll certainly be happy to know the newly free-to-play Assassin’s Creed Pirates game headlines this week’s best free apps list. You’ll also want to want to check out the latest from Wizards of the Coast—Magic 2015—and yet another Angry Birds game: Angry Birds Star Wars II.

Appidemic: Blackwell Legacy for iPhone and iPad

Rosangela Blackwell can talk to ghosts. She discovers this when Joey, the family ghost, appears in her apartment and tells her she’s a medium with a responsibility to help ghosts find their way into the afterlife. Her first mission, whether she wants it or not, is to find out why a college student took her own life.

Appidemic: Sonic Jump Fever for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Taking old skins and slapping them on new games is not an uncommon practice in video games. And in the world of mobile gaming, where players are more likely to follow a gaming trend than a franchise, it’s pretty much the norm. But as I spent the past couple days with a preview copy of Sonic Jump Fever, I found myself wondering if this isn’t the best use of the character yet on an iOS device.

Sharknado won’t leave us alone

Where I live, tornados are kind of thing. We just had a warning today, in fact, according to the AT&T notification. However, sharks are kind of not a thing, so no worries there. I live in greater fear of a frognado or tirenado, neither of which instill much fear. Thankfully, we’ll soon have Sharknado: The Video Game for iOS to fill that void.

Appidemic: Netwars interactive graphic novel for iOS

If you like to hack computer systems but don’t like the prison time, we may have just the job for you. The government would like you to help improve their security. Not only will they not jail you, they will pay you to do it. Learn all about it (and more) in the interactive graphic novel Netwars for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


Review: Hitman Go gives iOS assassins a turn

Hitman Go from Square Enix is a board game for your mobile device (yippee – no pieces to lose). Your goal is to get to your assigned target—whether a mark or an exit point—without being spotted and taken out by the guards. The game is turn-based and plays a bit like chess: plan a move or a series of moves to advance your piece while avoiding capture.

Appidemic: Small Stars Movie Quiz for iOS

Has trivia ever been this adorable? Certainly, this is the cutest Leatherface and Sweeney Todd have ever been. That’s because they’re all part of Small Stars Movie Quiz, which tasks you with identifying pop culture icons from across five genres of film, then proving that you remember a thing or two about them.


Review: Godfire: Rise of Prometheus for iOS

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus is a mobile device game which plays and looks more like a full-on console game. It’s basically all fighting, and there is some blood flying around, so it may not be the best option for the really young ones. Your mission is to recover the Spark and give the gift of Godfire to mankind. It won’t be easy; you have plenty of baddies to battle, and they are playing for keeps.

2014 Ten One Design Pogo Art Contest announced

Ten One Design’s Pogo Art Contest is back for another year, so mobile sketchers, artists, and doodlers should start prepping those portfolios. This year’s contest winner gets cash and tech goodies valued at $1,000, including a Ten One Design product that hasn’t even been announced yet.