Ecoisme introduces home energy monitoring system

Find out where those energy costs are going, and make it stop.

ProCamera 8 updated for Apple Watch support, more

Use your Apple Watch as a remote shutter, and film at up to 240 fps.

iKure: How to rescue your iPhone from water damage

Your summer reminder of what to do if your phone falls into the local swimming hole.

Appidemic: iPoe 3 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Classic literature and good scares, now with stickers!

Laut Prime Glass iPhone 5 screen protector review

At only $20, it’s time to upgrade your screen protection from film to tempered glass.

The Dragon Revenge for iOS review

Smaug you are not, but a dragon out to get his ill gotten gains you are.

6 (plus) reasons to love the Henge Docks Gravitas dock

The Henge Docks Gravitas dock is designed specifically to grow with you.

Dungeon Trackers is a card collecting tactical RPG coming soon to iOS

Sign up now to receive in-game currency and a rare Succubus.

First self-flying, throw-and-shoot, personal tracking Lily Camera unveiled

Just throw the device into the air, do what you do, and let the Lily Camera handle the filming.

Oddwings Escape soars onto iOS

Not-as-angry birds.

Sennheiser looks back to present the future of sound with new HD 630VB

Sennheiser revolutionizes headphones once again with the new HD 630VB.

AmpliTube is our favorite free app of the week

You’d better act fast this week because AmpliTube is not going to be free forever.