Obsolete Apple products will soon lose repair support

You won’t be able to get hardware support after June 9th if you own one of these older Apple products.


Auto industry first to get wireless charging open standard

Open Dots Alliance will announce its first user consortium at the Ward’s Auto Interiors Conference this week in Detroit.


Is your WiFi router getting long in the tooth? The tech has evolved

Linksys and TP-Link have both released new WiFi router products worth a look.

Laser radio technology a cheaper alternative to fiber optic cables?

Get the Internet anywhere in all weather conditions.

Li-Fi promises wireless communication in near real time

Transfers data at speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second over a distance of up to 10 meters.


Making the switch to satellite Internet – four months on

Reliable, except when it’s raining, and latency lag is an inherent drawback.

D-Link AC750 Wi-Fi routers prefer the desktop over a cabinet

Where do you keep your Wi-Fi router, then? Is it hidden away in the recesses of a bookshelf, or, like me, is it sitting on a cabinet in plain site. These days, it’s not uncommon for people to keep their router out near the TV set for all to see. If that’s you, the D-Link AC750 Wi-Fi routers will give you next generation 802.11ac wireless speeds and look good doing it.

D-Link ships its first 802.11ac router

D-Link recently announced the availability of the first 802.11ac router in its cloud-enabled line of home routers. Designed to deliver speeds matching those of the fastest wired networks (around the 1 Gbps mark), the new D-Link Cloud Router 5700 is one of the first routers available using this new WiFi standard.

Apple releases two new AirPort Utility versions

Apple has released two new versions of its AirPort Utility software: version 5.6 and version 6.0. The former is merely a minor update that aims to resolve an issue with network passwords stored in the Keychain, while the latter is a complete redesign of the software to match its iOS counterpart. The reason behind the release of both versions is that AirPort Utility 5.6 is able to support older 802.11g-only base stations, while the more advanced 6.0 version is not.

[Rumor] Apple to implement faster wireless network specification

The current range of Apple products—such as the Macintosh, AirPort and iOS devices—all utilize the current standard of 802.11n specification, but if rumors pan out we will soon be seeing a new network of 802.11ac chips that would feature better range and power efficiency than the existing chips.

CES 2012: Griffin Twenty brings wireless audio to speakers without AirPlay

At CES in Las Vegas this week, Griffin Technology is showing off an audio amplifier that uses an Airport Express to capture your AirPlay stream, decode it, then send the lossless, amplified sound through your speakers that otherwise aren’t AirPlay enabled.

Pioneer announces networked audio players with AirPlay support

The N-30 ($499) and N-50 ($699) are equipped with AirPlay and DLNA 1.5 wireless technologies, allowing access to music stored in a variety of different sources, including Macs and Apple’s iOS devices. The networked audio players feature vTuner Internet radio, iPhone and Android control apps and a 2.5-inch full-color LCD display.