Obsolete Apple products will soon lose repair support

You won’t be able to get hardware support after June 9th if you own one of these older Apple products.

Apple releases 15-inch MacBook Pro and iMac with Retina Display

Both models are available now.

LG blog post suggests Apple is releasing “iMac 8K” this year

Apple has made no such claims, of course.

Review: Moshi iLynx 3.0 USB hub and charging station

A useful, practical evolution of the iLynx hub line.

Upcoming Macs may not use silicon chips

The alternative material may be indium gallium arsenide.

Mac sales expected to rise through 2015

Brand loyalty and exciting products will do that.

Intel CEO responds to rumors of an Apple switch to ARM

The long and short of it? He’s not too concerned.

How to install new life in an old iMac – Part 2 [video]

We complete a brain transplant in an old 2006 iMac.

GameAgent is giving away a Retina iMac loaded with games

I don’t care what’s better…in this particular case, I’d rather receive.


How to install new life in an old iMac – Part 1 [video]

We perform emergency surgery on a dying iMac. “Metzenbaum scissors!”

Best Buy’s Black Friday preview – Apple edition

Good old-fashioned discounts, not gift cards.


Pre-orders open for the Simple Desk rotating iMac stand

They don’t offer many details, but the photos are pretty.