Apple introduces entry-level iMac at $1,099

Apple has officially launched the new entry-level 21.5-inch 1.4GHz iMac with a starting price of $1,099. While the physical and general desktop configurations remain untouched, specifications were modified under the hood. It is powered by 1.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5, Turbo Boost up to 2.7GHz with a 8GB memory, 500 GB hard drive, and Intel HD Graphics 5000.

Rumor: iMac update coming next week

We’ve seen a few rumors about the possibility of an updated iMac with Retina display. Some signs of the machine were even found in the OS X Yosemite, but nothing is confirmed when it comes to Apple products until it comes from the company itself. Keeping that in mind, according to a new report from MacGeneration, Apple will release updated iMacs by the end of next week. The publication has predicted correctly in the past, so we have a reason to believe they may be correct this time as well.

Retina iMac reference found in OS X Yosemite

There is now an overwhelming number of reports and rumors surrounding the much needed and desired iMac update, and it seems more likely the next iMac with come with a Retina display. Included in the OS X Yosemite beta is a file that details resolution scaling for the operating system, and included in that file are references to an iMac in conjunction with the Retina display resolution.

Satechi F1 Smart Monitor Stand review

I’m big on the proper placement of a monitor. Next to getting a decent chair, it’s the most important aspect to setting up my workstation; a couple of inches up or down can make a major difference in how long I can comfortably work (or play) on my iMac. As such, I’ve had many monitor stands in my day, and one of the most useful I’ve ever tried is the Satechi F1 Smart Monitor Stand.

Apple is the largest PC, tablet vendor in the market last Q1 2014

Being a certified Mac fan, I always like to see how Apple products are doing in the market. Just the other day, we reported the iPad is still No. 1 in Customer Satisfaction in the US. Now we’ve learned that with iPad and Mac shipments combined, Apple is the biggest PC vendor, capturing 17% of the market.


Run your Mac up to 40 times faster with RamDisk

A concept from Classic Mac OS pioneering days still offers some advantages in the SSD era with RamDisk for Mac from Power App.

Kickstarter Find: iMacompanion USB port for iMac

AppleTell encountered the wip labs team in the booth at this year’s Macworld / iWorld expo, where they were showcasing two products. First was the iDockAll, a dock for all your iDevices. But the team also had their newly-created iMacompaion on display. Just launched on Kickstarter, this nifty gadget puts the USB port Apple forgot back on the front of your iMac, eliminating awkward groping around the back of your computer.

Apple introduces Thirty Years of Mac homepage internationally

Apple is celebrating Thirty Years of Mac in a number of countries around the world, taking its 30th anniversary Mac homepage to other countries around the world. Late Friday, a Japanese blog Kodawarisan noticed that Apple had taken the Thirty Years of Mac homepage and mini-site and translated it into Japanese.


Apple celebrates 30 years of the Mac, I celebrate about 10

My first Mac was a Mac mini, but the first one I ever used was the translucent, candy-colored iMac that was available in nearly every elementary and junior high school in New York City. As a matter of fact, the first computer I ever touched was a Mac, and I’ve never gone back. The fact that Apple made Macs available in schools helped me decide whether I was going to be a Mac or PC user, and I guess my choice is obvious.

Apple now selling refurbished late 2013 27-inch iMac models

Refurbished versions of Apple’s newest products are now being sold in the company’s online store, including the 11-inch and 13-inch Macbook Airs. The new Macbook Air models were introduced in June this year and Apple is already offering them at a discount. On Monday, Apple’s late 2013 27-inch iMac appeared in the refurbished store, bringing the price of several models down by more than $200.


Aspyr offers you a Burial at Sea…with a free iMac loaded with games

Aspyr loves you so much…I don’t know what else they can do to approve it. This week, they announced that BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode 1 is now available on the Mac. And if you don’t have Macintosh to play it on, they’ve got that covered, too. Through their GameAgent service, they’ll be giving away a 27″ iMac loaded with Aspyr games such as BioShock Infinite, Borderlands 2: Game of the Year Edition, Civilization V: Gold Edition, and more.

Best Buy and Walmart announce amazing Black Friday deals on Apple products

Earlier today, we shared Target’s Black Friday deals on Apple products. If you don’t think they were good enough, take a look at the Black Friday deals being offered by Best Buy and Walmart. Both retailers are using attractive discounts on various Apple products—including iPads, Macs, iPhones, etc.—to make sure you hit their stores on (or before) November 29th.