Twelve South launches Mac Pro-compatible BookArc Pro

It kind of turns your Mac Pro into a jet engine, which seems appropriate.

Apple launches back to school promotion for Mac, iDevice purchases

Apple has launched its Back to School Promotion as the school year shopping season kicks-off. Students who purchase Mac models (except the Mac mini) are eligible to receive a $100 gift card, while iPad and iPhone buyers are entitled to a $50 gift card.

Mac Pro supply finally catches up, shipping within 24 hours

For all those professionals who are still planning to get a shiny new Mac Pro, you be glad to find out the supply and demand are finally equal—the Mac Pro is now shipping within 24 hours for the first time since it launched.

The Mac (not Book) Pro as a portable computing device?

WaterField Designs suggests a Mac Pro and Mac Pro Go Case combo will make the ideal rig for travelling gamers, developers, video editors and any others who prefer to take their systems with them, and miss the late, lamented 17-inch MacBook Pro.

Apple Mac Pro shipping time improves to 2 to 3 weeks

Apple’s new Mac Pro computer has seen its fair share of delays since its launch in December. Users interested in getting their hands on the Mac Pro had to wait for two to three months after placing their order, but there’s a good news for those who are waiting for the Mac Pro shipping times to improve. As of now, users who order the monstrous Mac Pro will get it in two to three weeks.

Apple is the largest PC, tablet vendor in the market last Q1 2014

Being a certified Mac fan, I always like to see how Apple products are doing in the market. Just the other day, we reported the iPad is still No. 1 in Customer Satisfaction in the US. Now we’ve learned that with iPad and Mac shipments combined, Apple is the biggest PC vendor, capturing 17% of the market.


Run your Mac up to 40 times faster with RamDisk

A concept from Classic Mac OS pioneering days still offers some advantages in the SSD era with RamDisk for Mac from Power App.

Apple releases fix for Power Nap issues in 2013 Mac Pro

Late Wednesday, the company released a firmware update to address an issue with the Power Nap feature in the 2013 Mac Pro. The Mac Pro SMC Update 2.0 now allows a 2013 Mac Pro to go into Power Nap mode without utilizing the fan for every update.

Apple introduces Thirty Years of Mac homepage internationally

Apple is celebrating Thirty Years of Mac in a number of countries around the world, taking its 30th anniversary Mac homepage to other countries around the world. Late Friday, a Japanese blog Kodawarisan noticed that Apple had taken the Thirty Years of Mac homepage and mini-site and translated it into Japanese.

Mac Pro shipping estimates slip to April

The shipping estimates of the revolutionary Mac Pro have continuously slipped since its launch last year, and the delivery estimates were pushed back to February hours after the computer went on sale. This slipped to March a few weeks ago, and now it seems the woes will continue as Apple has pushed back the Mac Pro shipping times to April for all available configurations.


Apple releases support document to address AirPlay mirroring issues

Apple has released a support document addressing AirPlay Mirroring issues with the late 2013 Macbook and Mac Pro that run on slower Wi-Fi networks such as 802.11 b or g networks. In the document, Apple suggests users who experience frozen images on their television sets when mirroring a device via AirPlay should turn off Bluetooth.


Apple celebrates 30 years of the Mac, I celebrate about 10

My first Mac was a Mac mini, but the first one I ever used was the translucent, candy-colored iMac that was available in nearly every elementary and junior high school in New York City. As a matter of fact, the first computer I ever touched was a Mac, and I’ve never gone back. The fact that Apple made Macs available in schools helped me decide whether I was going to be a Mac or PC user, and I guess my choice is obvious.