Moof: Own your very own Apple icon limited edition prints

Some of you young’ns who hopped onto Apple with the iPod and iPhone may not remember Clarus the Dogcow. But to those of us who grew up with Apple computers, it recalls a simpler time of bombs, wristwatches and sad faces. And hey, speaking of those icons, they’re all now available for purchase from artist Susan Kare as limited edition art prints.

Macworld 2011: The Omni Group’s show floor presence

Even if you’re from outside of the productivity space, you’ve probably heard of The Omni Group. With applications like OmniGraffle and OmniFocus, The Omni Group offers software to suit almost every productivity need you may have. And this year at Macworld, they’ve shown up big. I had the opportunity to chat with Ken Case, CEO of the Omni Group, about some of the products they’ve launched recently and how they’re doing.


Appletell reviews Pixelmator for Mac OS X [updated]

If Adobe’s products keep adding features you never use, Pixelmator may just be a (much cheaper) alternative. Serious Photoshop users take note; if you are doing extensive photo retouching or basic layer-based image composition, Pixelmator blazes by Adobe’s products. In the time it takes Photoshop to start up, Pixelmator can veni, vidi, vici before the PS splash screen is gone.

Macintosh/iPhone software update roundup – January 26, 2010

Congrats to all those Macintosh and iPhone development companies smart enough to get their updates and releases out today, because as of tomorrow at 10:00 a.m., no one’s going to care about much beyond what Apple is talking about. So, come on inside to get your fill of Keynote themes, barcode scanners, missiles to command, children’s books, slug wars, snow globes, and parachuting ninjas. That’s right, I said parachuting ninjas.

Telltale Games at Macworld Expo; Wallace and Gromit, too?

Earlier this month, the good folks at Gamertell got word that Telltale Games would soon be releasing its entire lineup of games for the Macintosh. We haven’t heard much about this rumor since, but our inside source has pointed out that Telltale is now officially listed as an exhibitor at Macworld Expo 2010. Telltale’s current PC lineup includes the Sam & Max series, Tales of Monkey Island, Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People, Bone and Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures.

Macintosh/iPhone software update roundup – January 25, 2010

Just what’s a SuperMeet? If you have to ask, you’re not invited. Actually, that’s not true. You are. Now, if that upset you, check out Optimism for Mac, as it’ll help you monitor any decline in your mental health. iPhone apps are decidedly brighter, what with The Hare and the Tortoise, Stinky Socks, HourFace, Coconut Riot, Balloon Headed Boy, and plenty more. It’s like a party on your iPhone, and this time you are invited!


Appletell reviews CarMD for Mac OS X

CarMD aims to make car diagnosis something anybody can do on their own instead of paying an auto mechanic. With a small and simple piece of hardware and a huge online database of error codes, they do it surprisingly well. And speaking as someone who knows nothing more than how to pump gas into his car, this relatively cheap product can be both extremely interesting and very helpful.


Appletell reviews StellarPhoenix data recovery for Mac OS X

Stellar Phoenix for Mac uses some complex algorithms to recover recently deleted files from hard drives or simply find a hard drive that refuses to mount. There are some strange UI glitches and the occasional file that’s empty after being recovered (0 second MP3s that are a couple megabytes in size, for example), but I would certainly recommend this program to someone who has lost some data on a drive or needs to recover a drive.

Macintosh/iPhone software update roundup – January 22, 2010

Security is at the forefront of today’s Mac updates, with both video surveillance and password protection. Also, you can touch a fried egg, or something like that. On the iPhone, more Valentine’s apps are surfacing, Missile Command goes 360, and you can attach your iPhone to your thigh like that cocky kid in “Iron Eagle” when he was listening to Queen and committing grand theft fighter jet.

Macintosh/iPhone software update roundup – January 21, 2010

Want to see one of the coolest, most unique MacBook cases ever created? It’s in here, it’s called the BookBook, and it’s ready for your purchase. There are also some good productivity apps and some to waste your time, just as it should be. iPhone and iPod owners can go snowboarding, avoid the police, cheat on their algebra exams, play with their Nickelodeon friends, discover the secret of the lost cavern, and plenty more.

Macintosh/iPhone software update roundup – January 20, 2010

Have some files? File them with FileMeFiles. Have some fonts? Pilot them with Pilot. Have some batches? Output them with BatchOutput. Have some lists? Master them with List Master. Have some Valentines? Make them with ValentineMaker. Have some tones? Mail them with MailTones. Have some mines? Blast them with Mine Blast. And I apologize for this obnoxious excerpt. Trying to keep things fresh.

Macintosh/iPhone software update roundup – January 19, 2010

Plenty of iPhone and Macintosh developers are taking part in Indie+Relief tomorrow by donating a portion of their proceeds to charities focused on Haitian earthquake relief. Beyond that, ProteMac has announced their Security Suite for Mac OS X, Quirky has invited you over to the Space Bar, and Urbanears takes you into the future while taking you back to the ’80s.