TwelveSouth introduces ParcSlope MacBook Stand

For lovers of Apple history there’s no better MacBook stand.


CURVED/labs Mac desktop concept evokes original classic Macintosh

It’s fun to look at, but I’m doubtful I would enjoy actually using it.

Our most surprising finds of CES 2015

A fitness tracker for kids and a wood finish for your iDevice and MacBook.

New MacBook Air production increasing, release in early 2015

It may replace the 11″ MacBook Air, while the 13.3″ model will remain.

Apple to improve MacBook Air mobility with USB 3.1 Type-C

Before long, it really will be nothing but air.

CES Bytes: Henge Docks

MacBook Docks with stylish hardware and great software integration.


Will the new MacBook Air go for the gold?

A gold MacBook Air? Some of us would prefer black.


Leaked Xiaomi laptop is a copy of the Macbook Air

Next up? The Xiaomi eMate!

Review: TekTuk Bedside Device Manager

Organize that moat of devices circling your bed.

Review: OGIO Clutch Pack

A slender backpack with room enough for your laptop, a book or two, and a few oddments.

Retina MacBook Air will reportedly reach production in early 2015

A DigiTimes report says Apple will put the Retina MacBook Air into production around the same time as Intel makes its Broadwell processors available.

Review: Griffith Park Plus backpack

It stores a lot of stuff. Perhaps…too much stuff.