Moshi 12-inch MacBook accessories now available

Keep your new MacBook safe from spills, scratches, and glare without sacrificing its super thin good looks.

WaterField’s Dash MacBook Sleeve keeps it light and thin

As much about being thin and light as the product it’s designed to protect.


Retina MacBook’s “thin and light” obsession compromises Apple user experience

You’ll love looking at it and picking it up. You won’t love using it.

Thunderbolt 3 uses USB Type-C, claims to do it all

Thunderbolt 3 could be the future for Apple.

Hub+ Kickstarter aims to solve the new Macbook USB-C problems

The 7-port hub returns connectivity to the new Macbook.

Moleskine Vertical Device Bag review

They call it a “vertical” device bag, but it could just as well be “versatile.”


Gold iPad is elegant – gold MacBook, not so much

The gold MacBook look a bit cheesy rather than classy.


New 12-Inch MacBook’s simplicity complicates data transfer

There are several potential avenues of approach, some of which are a bit pricey.

12-inch MacBook performance the same as 2011 MacBook Air’s

The new 12-inch MacBook may not be very impressive under the hood.

Rumor claims Apple invented USB-C

Well…it would explain some things.

Reflective Performance Tweed bags are “visibly special”

Perfect carrying around your data disk when you’re on way to communicate with your User.


Moshi has your 12-inch MacBook covered

Some familiar favorites will soon be available, with USB-C accessories to follow.