Pre-orders open for the Simple Desk rotating iMac stand

They don’t offer many details, but the photos are pretty.

Kickstarter Find: UNITI Stand for iMacs and monitors

There’s a right height for your monitor, and your iMac or Cinema Display may not be at it. Adjusting your chair to hit it can leave you sitting uncomfortably, but staring down or up at your monitor can hurt your posture. The solution is a monitor stand. I’ve used and reviewed a few here at AppleTell, most of which concerned themselves with either looked good sitting under Apple products or with providing additional functionality. The UNITI Stand, now on Kickstarter, seems concerned with both.

Satechi F1 Smart Monitor Stand review

I’m big on the proper placement of a monitor. Next to getting a decent chair, it’s the most important aspect to setting up my workstation; a couple of inches up or down can make a major difference in how long I can comfortably work (or play) on my iMac. As such, I’ve had many monitor stands in my day, and one of the most useful I’ve ever tried is the Satechi F1 Smart Monitor Stand.

bēm wireless Kickstand Projector hands-on

bēm’s Kickstand is a powerful, portable projector mounted inside an innovative, folding A-Frame carrying case/handle. With a pivoting hinge, you can project an image onto a wall or ceiling at virtually any angle, and the Kickstand pumps out an image that’s bright, crisp, and surprisingly portable.

Macworld/iWorld 2013: MMT to reveal “the future of mobile monitors”

As we gear up for the trip to San Francisco for Macworld/iWorld 2013, many product announcements and meeting invitations continue to roll in. One that caught our attention is from portable display developer Mobile Monitor Technologies. The company will be showcasing “the future of mobile monitors” with their Monitor2Go, and isn’t that a future we should witness?


Twelve South announces HiRise shelf/storage for iMac

Twelve South has announced the HiRise, a stand for the iMac and Apple Displays that also has a storage compartment with an adjustable shelf for external hard drives, or other small objects that you need on your desk but want to move out of sight.

CES 2012: AOC Aire Monitor with Docking Station

Apple offers numerous ways to shoot video from your iPhone or iPod touch directly to your TV or monitor…provided you have the right models. If not, the Aire Monitor with Docking Station from AOC may be what you need. The 23-inch Full High Definition monitor features a built-in universal docking station for iPhone and iPod that allows immediate video, audio and photo playback from the mobile device through AOC’s patented plug-and-play technology.

NuStand mini XL for Mac mini review

Too often in my time I’ve seen people with their iMac or monitor sitting on top of books or some other haphazard system to raise the screen to a more ergonomic level. Worse, I’ve seen people with their slick little Mac mini shoved behind a monitor, USB hub or some other piece of hardware. There’s no need for this kind of nonsense when you’ve got something as simple as NewerTech’s NuStand mini XL at your disposal. As the name implies, this stand/riser is designed specifically with the Mac mini in mind.


Apple updates Thunderbolt displays

Apple has updated their Thunderbolt displays, correcting fan noise issues some users have been experiencing, as well as making overall stability improvements. The update will bring the software to version 1.1, and users need to be running OS X v10.6.8 or OS X Lion v10.7.2 to run it. Head to Apple Support Page for complete download details.

MacBook Air EFI Firmware Update 2.1 now available

Apple has released a new EFI Firmware Update for its MacBook Air, bringing the update’s version up to 2.1 and adding some fixes and enhancements for Thunderbolt Displays and Target Disk Mode compatibility, as well as Lion Recovery performance when used with an Internet connection in order to re-download OS X Lion from Apple’s servers. This update is exclusively for the 2011 MacBook Air models.

Kanex connects Apple’s Cinema Display to older Macs or PCs

In this case Kanex and their C247DL cable lets you connect your older computer to an Apple Cinema Display using a full resolution dual-link DVI source to a maximum resolution of 2,560 x 1,600. Kanex also has a C247d cable which supports up to a 1,920 x 1,200 resolution. It also includes a USB to Mini DisplayPort converter so that you can use the iSight camera and the USB ports on the back of the display as well as the speakers.


Apple updates Mac Mini and Cinema Display with Thunderbolt and more

Apple Computer refreshed the Mac Mini today by adding dual-core Intel i5 and i7 processors, a Thunderbolt port, and a discrete graphics card. What’s interesting is that the standard Mac Mini no longer has a built-in optical drive. Instead, there’s an option for an external SuperDrive for $79 which reads and writes from DVDs and CDs. In addition, Apple announced its upcoming Cinema Display.