Epson launches sub-$100 printer: Expression Home XP-420

Allows anyone with a wireless device the freedom to print from wherever they are.

Black Friday Apple deals from Target

A little bit of savings, a whole lot of gift cards.

Epson Expression XP-860 Small-in-One printer now available

Because you’re going to need to print more than just photos.

Review: Epson LabelWorks LW-600P Portable Label Printer

Back to school. Three little words that are a delight to the ears of parents and the sound of unending doom to kids everywhere. Time is drawing near to get everything in place for the upcoming school year, and that may mean making sure everything is clearly marked and easily identifiable. Or, maybe you just want to organize your own life/work. In that case, Epson’s LabelWorks LP-600W label printer offers complete portability, allowing you to get organized anywhere that needs it.

Seen @ Macworld: Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600

Fujitsu was back at this year’s Macworld Expo showing us their new SV600 overhead scanner. Designed for items that just won’t fit in a flatbed or through a sheetfed scanner, the SV600 provides a truly different take on scanning.

Kickstarter Find: The Micro 3D Printer

3D printing offers the ability to create virtually any object, but the cost and complexity of most 3D printers makes them impractical for home use. Enter the Micro by M3D, a printer that’s billed as the “first truly consumer 3D printer.” The Micro’s premise is simple: 3D printing that doesn’t require the fiddly calibration and complication of larger printers, making it ideal for home use. The printer was just launched on Kickstarter, and even though its original funding target has been succeeded by a ridiculous margin, there are still some great rewards available.


Epson introduces Expression XP-410 Small-in-One AirPrint printer

Epson, bucking the trend of ever-bigger devices, has announced a newcomer to their printer family. The Expression XP-410 features a printer, scanner, and copier, but crams it all into a space that’s only as big as two pieces of standard computer paper laid side by side. For small desks, apartments, or just anybody looking to conserve space, this focus on compactness is sure to be appreciated.

Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500 review

We’ve heard about the paperless office, but how easy is it really to live a paperless life? With cumbersome scanners and poorly designed software, the answer is “not very,” but the Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500 and accompanying mobile app are a confident step in the right direction. You can now scan documents straight to your iDevice and send them to your chosen cloud storage, meaning your vital documents are available whenever and wherever you need them.

Epson XP-850 Small-in-One Printer review

The Epson Expression XP-850 Small-in-One Printer does make some concessions in order to accommodate the needs of as many users as possible. If you’re doing nothing more than printing photos or printing documents, you can get faster prints and better quality for your money. But if you want a printer that does it all, can do it wirelessly from many sources, and can grow with you as your needs do, the Epson XP-850 is an exceptional value.

Seen @ Macworld/iWorld 2013: Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 and ScanSnap Connect app

Imagine converting your entire paper-based life of tax documents, medical forms, receipts, and other paper paraphernalia into searchable PDFs you can back up safely to the cloud. It’s been theoretically possible for some time, but Fujitsu’s new iX500 scanner and companion iOS app let you do it at amazing speeds with a minimum of technical fuss, bringing the paperless office dream one step closer.

Epson has over 100 printers that support AirPrint, just so you know

Epson didn’t announce a new AirPrint enabled printer today, they just want to make sure everyone knows the’ve already got 105 of them. AirPrint, of course, it Apple’s technology for printing emails, photos, web pages, and documents directly from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch; no printer-specific drivers or cables required.

Epson announces Expression Photo XP-850 Small-in-One printer

Last week, Epson America announced the Epson Expression Photo XP-850 Small-in-One printer aimed at photo enthusiasts and families. The Expression XP-850 uses Claria Photo HD six-color inks for smooth gradations and true-to-life skin tones in your photos, which you can print wirelessly directly from your iPad, iPhone, tablet, or smartphone.