AppleTell’s surprising iOS find of E3 2014: Wikipad Gamevice [updated]

When I was scheduling meetings for E3 2014, I was expecting to see a lot of great iOS games…which I did. What I wasn’t expecting to see was great iOS hardware…which I also did. The Wikipad Gamevice for iPad mini is now in development, providing hardware controls for your touchscreen games.

Libratone introduces Spotify Connect, updated iOS apps at CE Week 2014

With the launch of their new 360 Scandinavian branding earlier this year, Libratone upped their design game. The company also used the recent CE Week show in New York to introduce some upgraded tech to their line as well. Announcements during the show last week included Spotify Connect integration, as well as updates to the company’s iOS app for better performance.

AppleTell’s Best iOS Game of E3 2014: Taichi Panda

I know, I know, we’re two weeks past E3 2014 at this point. So, why the delay this year? Two reasons. First, because there were many solid options for best iOS game from what we demoed, none of which stood out as the obvious winner. Second, because the award doesn’t just go Taichi Panda, it goes to Snail Games, which has three outstanding iOS titles in the works.

A-Audio Legacy Series headphones win CE Week 2014 Best in Show

If you haven’t heard of A-Audio Headphones, it’s time to start paying attention. Today, the company announced their Legacy Series headphones have been awarded a “CE Week 2014 Best in Show” award. A-Audio will use the event to debut their EliteHD audio enhanced line of wired and wireless ANC Legacy over-the-ear headphones, Lyric wired on-the-ear headphones, and EliteHD earphones.

olloclip to introduce 4-IN-1 Photo Lens for iPad Air/mini/mini with Retina display at CE Week

olloclip introduced its 4-IN-1 Photo Lens for iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad mini with Retina display today at CE Week. The $69.99 product, now shipping, features four lenses — fisheye, wide-angle and 10x and 15x macros) in a package weighing less than an ounce. The company says the “quick-change” lenses are similar to those available with large DSLR cameras — just way smaller.


Henge Docks introduces its newly-designed MacBook Pro Retina Vertical Dock at CE Week

Henge Docks introduced its newly-designed MacBook Pro Retina Vertical Dock at CE Week today. The dock enables you to instantly connect a MacBook to your desktop or home theater while opening up space on your desk and reducing cable clutter too. The resulting look is pretty sexy.

E3 2014: Monkeys, Dragons, and Taxis (oh my) from Sega for mobile

Sega demonstrated four wildly different mobile games at E3 2014, putting well-known franchises into new touch games for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. And in addition to putting a fresh face on familiar characters, they also showed off a new battle game that uses one of the strangest fight mechanics I’ve ever seen.


E3 2014: Rolling through World of Tanks Blitz with

You’d think that having a user-base of 85,000,000 players would keep the folks at happy, but it doesn’t. That’s just PC gamers, and there’s another world out there in the form of iOS gamers. They know this in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland, where World of Tanks Blitz had its soft launch six weeks ago. And on June 26th, American iOS gamers will be getting their draft notices as well.

E3 2014: Solving puzzles in the stone age with FIRE

FIRE from Daedalic Entertainment features Ungh, a slightly clumsy yet very expressive hero, who needs your help in getting new fire for his tribe. Ungh was supposed to watch over his tribe’s fireplace during the night, but fell asleep and the fire went out.

E3 2014: Kemco ushering in a new era of JRPGs

Although Kemco has been around since the mid-1980s, the company these days is mostly known for their JRPGs (Japanese-style RPGs) for Android and iOS. They’ve released dozens of games for these platforms, most of which have retained the look and feel of classic RPGs for the SNES. But as the company made perfectly clear at E3 2014, Kemco games are getting a fresh coat of paint.

E3 2014 video: Fish, Strike, Duel and…Pocket? with Natsume

Natsume brought a slate of iOS games with them to E3 2014, including Gabrielle’s Monster Duel, Ninja Strike, and Hometown Story Pocket. Appletell was there to capture previews of these games, which range from combat runners, to sport and shopping simulators, to turn-based battlers.

Aliens, cows and Richard Sherman – our complete E3 2014 photo gallery

Although we’re here at E3 to tell you about the iOS and Mac games coming your way, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun playing around in booths unrelated to our mission, right? The show floor is a cacophony of sites and sounds that are constantly fighting for your attention, and here’s our ongoing E3 2014 photo gallery of some of the booths that won that fight.