WWDC 2013: Apple Design Awards show 11 apps

Apple has announced the 11 winners of its Apple Design Awards at WWDC 2013 that range from games to utilities, on both iOS and OS X. Plenty of games are represented, as well as well as apps from the WWF, Yahoo!, and the ever popular Evernote.

iOS Simulator hack allows developers to test their apps for Retina iPad display

Even though the third-generation iPad is days away from announcement, and the probability of it containing a Retina display is merely a rumor at this point (although a credible one), iOS hacker/developer Ryan Petrich has taken it upon himself to tweak the iOS Simulator to simulate a Retina iPad display for testing purposes.

Unreal releases SDK for the OS X

Epic Games made a huge change to their Unreal Development Kit (UDK)—the free edition of the Unreal Engine 3 that provides access to the award-winning toolset used in video games, 3D visualizations, digital films and more—by making it available to the Mac with the latest September 2011 UDK Beta. They also added multi-display support for iOS using an HDMI cable or AirPlay.


How to set up free SVN on a Mac for your next project

According to Wikipedia, Subversion, or SVN, is “a version-control system to maintain current and historical versions of files such as source code, web pages, and documentation.” Macs come with the back end of SVN installed, so you won’t need to worry about that. However, you will need to find a GUI to use with SVN if you aren’t a command line junkie, and that’s where SvnX comes in.

CES 2010: Eye-Fi’s Pro X2 and Eye-Fi Center [updated]

The Eye-Fi Pro X2 represents a further refinement of Eye-Fi’s original idea of wireless memory. Obviously, this is the best yet. Not only will it wirelessly upload your pictures, it will do it over 802.11 N, if it’s available. Those pictures (or videos) will find their way to various web services of your choice, and/or your computer. And what makes this card better than the rest is its “endless memory” feature.

Macintosh/iPhone software update roundup – November 30, 2009

Developers are back in full update mode, now that we’ve passed Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Christmas apps are taking center stage, including two appearances by The Grinch. We’ve also got iForce, BandMate, Purrfect Pitch, GiggleApps and more. On the Mac, it’s business as usual, with updates to VideoSpace, WhoPaste, and Graphic Inspector, as well as a new MacBundle.

Macintosh/iPhone software update roundup – November 3, 2009

A lot of good Mac updates today for both productivity and system management. Record audio, make cartoons, browse your media, track your references, and more. Today’s iPhone apps will improve your grammar, bring you luck, win you an unlocked iPhone, defend your bar, crash your car, dash your zombies, and prevent the swine flu…or something like that.

Macintosh/iPhone software update roundup – June 23, 2009

Altec Lansing has announced a new set of PC speakers. That’s always worth checking out. So are Jumsoft and iPresentee themes and goodies if you make any use of the iWork apps. What’s worth it on the iPhone? Well, some impressive artwork, a photo slideshow app, an interesting looking word game, and the ability to record your daily positive thoughts of gratitude…you know, in case you need to prove to people you’re capable of having them.

WWDC: Evolution of a revolution part 2 – Mac OS X v10.6 (“Snow Leopard”)

The excitement continues to build for tomorrow’s WWDC keynote and the developer announcements that are sure to follow. Yesterday, we took a look at what to expect from iPhone OS 3.0, as well as at Apple’s strategy for rolling out updates and why they include (or, more importantly, don’t include) certain features in each iteration. Today, we’ll examine Snow Leopard, the next big update to Apple’s Macintosh operating system.

WWDC: Evolution of a revolution part 1 – iPhone OS 3.0

As I’m sure you’ve heard, Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) kicks off on Monday, and expectations are very high. Swirling around the web are lots of WWDC rumors guessing what Apple will do and anticipating with excitement the possible hardware announcement, but I want to spend a little time discussing what WWDC is really all about: Operating Systems.

Macintosh/iPhone software update round-up – March 13, 2009

I can count all of today’s iPhone app announcements on one finger. But the single announcement contains three games, so I’ve tricked you! And on the Mac side MacZOT almost earns a hat trick with two announcements, both of which are about software sales. In fact, so is the iPhone app announcement. Man. I think we need to get some of that bailout money to the software developers.

Macintosh/iPhone software update round-up – March 6, 2009

It’s Friday, people. There are supposed to be this many iPhone and Mac updates on Friday. You can turn your iPhone into a gun, which frightens me just a little bit. You can also turn it into a rather polite alarm clock. You can’t turn your Mac into anything, but you can use it to DJ, to make presentations and to become a Hollywood nanny. Boy, I don’t think there’s anything in there I want to do, but you’ll probably feel differently. Head on in to find out.