MacBook Pro vs. MacBook Air: Different priorities, different decisions

There’s no one size fits all solution when debating a MacBook Pro vs. MacBook Air purchase, but it’s great to have two can’t-go-wrong alternatives. Macworld’s Rob Griffiths and I both recently struggled with this decision, and came to two different conclusions.

Appidemic: Askt for iPhone, iPod touch

Ever felt like your creative mojo is gone? The muse has left and you’re staring at a blank page? Maybe a bit of a nudge and a warm up will do. If so, Askt for iPhone might just do the trick; just answer the question for the day and it’ll keep your thoughts flowing.

Can Comic Sans Neue overcome the “Most Hated Font” meme?

Comic Sans Neue is a casual, non-connecting sans-serif script typeface designed by Craig Rozynski as a more “respectable” fix for Vincent Connare’s 1994 font Comic Sans MS. Designed to imitate the historical look of comic book lettering for use in informal documents, it has been branded “the most hated font.”

Appidemic: Stryke – Troll Your Friends for iPhone, iPod touch

Stryke for iPhone allows you to create funny trolls from the iPhone video roll, or you can film directly in the app. Either way, you can add hilarious texts or remarks in any creative and sarcastic way you can think of, then “Stryke” your friend once you’re finished. It’s your story, so make it a good one with friends.

More iPad rumors, and a dip into the mailbag

The rumor mills are doing a good job this spring of persuading me to push back my iPad upgrade to later in the year. Especially when they are informed by analysts whose insider sources have a good track record of accurate predictions. Such is the case with KGI securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo, who said in a note to investors that Apple will introduce upgraded iPad Air and iPad mini models in 2014/Q3.

Appidemic: Aspects for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Aspects is a tower defense game in which you summon phantoms to attack your enemies and totems to defend yourself. Play as one of three aspects, each with unique totems that give different strengths and weaknesses as you play against the computer or friends.

Appidemic: TAPPD for iPhone, iPod touch

We met David Duncan, co-founder of TAPPD, at Macworld / iWorld 2014. In fact, we filmed an interview with him, then talked about “Australia’s Game” for a while. As fun as that looks, it’s not relevant here, so we’ll stick with TAPPD, your app to help you find good apps, from the sources you trust….because we know you can’t always trust us.

Appidemic: Facetune for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

If you want to edit your photos on your iDevice, Facetune may be the tool you need. As the name implies, this was designed with portraits in mind, putting an array of photo editing tools at your fingertips, literally. In your toolbox, you have access to features such as crop, whiten, smooth, details, red eye, defocus, filters, frames, reshape, and patch.

The 10 most insane Bluetooth speaker designs at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair

I’ve come across some absolutely marvelous Bluetooth speaker systems this week, both in design and functionality. Passing by the booths and sampling the audio, I’ve heard so much Asian pop music that old-school Avril Lavigne was actually a nice respite at one point. But I kept at it, because I never knew when another speaker set designed to look like a crimson aquatic mammal balancing a beach ball on its head was waiting at the end of the aisle.

Hands-on with the Adobe Illustrator 17.1 update

While there are a number of new features and enhancements to Adobe Illustrator v17.1, there are several that stand out for my work-flow. When it comes to the one for I’ve been waiting for the longest, making the choice was about as easy as anything I’ve ever encountered: rounded corners.


The iPad in trouble (and is the mini to blame?)

Motley Fool’s Adam Levine-Weinberg says Apple’s market share lead in tablet computers has crumbled, and iPad sales growth has also ground to a crashing halt. Levine-Weinberg contends that “unless Apple can deliver vastly improved iPads later this year, the iPad’s growth days are over.” Is he right?

Appidemic: Polar Bowler for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Can’t get enough snow? Do you like bowling? With a bear? In an inner tube? Great, we have just the thing for you. Polar Bowler puts your furry hide in an inner tube and slingshots you across the ice and snow in search of pins to knock down. There are more than just the same old 10 pins to hit, and there are target amounts of pins you will need to knock down before advancing to the next level.