Would a 30% thinner iPad mini “Air” revive sales?

I’m not sure the world really needs a 5.25mm thick iPad mini. It would be interesting technologically, but he current mini seems comfortably small, light, and thin enough for me. However, if Apple indeed does launch an iPad mini Air, I hope enough people will disagree with me on that point to make it a success for Apple and secure the mini’s future.

Appidemic: Blackwell 3: Convergence for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

A chance encounter leads Rosa Blackwell and her ghostly sidekick Joey Mallone to a series of unexplained events—an actor haunts the last scene of his movie, an art gallery prepares to open, and a grieving father watches over where his son died. Are they connected somehow? Find out in Blackwell Convergence.

Could you do 80% of your computing on an iPad?

Last week, Tim Cook told the Wall Street Journal that he does 80% of his computing work as Apple CEO on his iPad, and he thinks you should too, maintaining “There’s no reason why everyone shouldn’t be like that.” But it’s that last 20% that’s the sticking point, preventing the iPad from displacing a laptop or desktop PC as a completely satisfactory general work platform.

Appidemic: Autumn Dynasty – RTS for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Real time strategy gamers are a special breed. I’ve had numerous conversations with developers about the rabid RTS crowd, and how critical they are of each change that comes their way, while also being the most dedicated and loyal game fans they are. So, how will fans take to Autumn Dynasty – RTS? I suppose that depends upon what you felt about it when it was just Autumn Dynasty.


Texting while driving is worse than driving drunk, so why no equivalent social stigma?

While 4x increased crash risk with cellphone-gabbing drivers is plenty bad enough, texting while driving raises the risk ante by factors between 6x to 20x (depending on whose metrics you’re reading) more dangerous than driving over the legal blood alcohol limit. Logic would dictate that if people driving drunk outrages you, to be consistent, driving while cellphone gabbing and driving while texting should outrage you 4x and 6x to 20x more, respectively.


Making the switch to satellite Internet – latency and reliability

A month and a half ago, I switched to a satellite Internet service from the tower-based wireless broadband service I’ve been using since 2009, and which I would still be using were it not for reliability issues. Here are my early-days impressions of satellite service as an alternative to land-based networks.

Appidemic: SBK14 Official Mobile Game for iOS

I have absolutely no interest in motorcycles or motorcycle racing. And yet, of all the games I’ve had on my iPhones, the one that’s survived the longest is Freeverse’s (RIP) Wingnuts Moto Racer…or MotoChaser, I guess it’s called now. It doesn’t matter, because it no longer appears to be available. What is available is SBK14 Official Mobile Game, and I have a feeling motorcycle racing fans will be happier with that, anyway.

Appidemic: Blackwell 2: Unbound for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Manhattan has a ghost problem that only Lauren Blackwell and Joey can solve. A construction site has a series of unexplained accidents and saxophone music can be heard on Roosevelt Island. With a little investigative work and a lot of talking, the ghosts can be sent to their eternal reward.

Appidemic: Nightmares from the Deep: The Siren’s Call

The last installment of Nightmares from the Deep took us to a cursed pirate island, but left out several archetypal pirate characters. Back for a second installment, The Siren’s Call, this new entry takes you to the forgotten village of Kingsmouth where the evil mayor has enslaved a Siren and terrorizes passing ships with a terrifying krakken, because pirates.

Appidemic: Pinch social matchmaking for iOS

The premise behind Pinch is simple; browse through your friends’ friends, and if you find one you’re interested in you pinch the profiles together. The app gives you some simple ice breaker games to get to know your matches, taking the guesswork out of blind date mutual friend hookups.

Is the Internet making us stupid? (or, most of the important stuff I know I learned from books)

Researchers find online reading has a negative impact on people’s cognition, with concentration, comprehension, absorption, and recall rates when engaging with online material all much lower than with hard copy. I don’t think Internet-enabled instant access to information from a firehose, as it were, is making me smarter. More broadly informed in a chaotic way, perhaps.

Appidemic: Simple Ball for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

All that playground training is about to pay off. Bounce the ball, roll the ball, speed the ball up, invert gravity for the ball; the usual, in Simple Ball, a stripped down puzzle game for iOS in which you need to get the ball to touch the target (a yellow dot).