hAppy New Year from the AppleTell staff

2014 is upon us, so I hope you’re all rested up from last night’s festivities and ready to tackle the new year. We had a great 2013 here at AppleTell and across the TechTell sites, and we want to thank all of you for joining us. We’ve got plenty in store for the coming year, including new feature columns, more (and better) use of video so you can enjoy our pretty faces and make fun of our fashion sense, and some great contests. Here’s hoping for a happy 2014 for all you, and may we all be counting down to 2015 with new Apple watches on our wrists.

AppleTell All Night podcast debuts: Adobe CC, WWDC, and E3

You’ve got AppleTell with you on your computer, and you have us on your phone, but you don’t have us with you in your car…until now. Tonight, AppleTell debuts its new AppleTell All Night podcast, taking the week’s biggest news and the feature content from our website and delivering it directly to your earballs.

AppleTell’s on Instagram with the TechnologyTell family

Kids these days sure do love their social media, and we love it, too. That’s why TechnologyTell is now on Instagram, bringing you a photographic look at the products we review in our offices, the tech we see on the street, and the gadgets we preview on expo show floors. It’s a great way to get our unique vision of the products and news we cover, and to find your way to our highlighted content.


AppleTell features now available via Flipboard magazine

If you’re a Flipboard user (and really, you should be), we’ve put together a convenient way for you to access AppleTell’s feature content. Taking advantage of the new Flipboard digital magazine feature, we’ve created a roundup of our feature content that you can easily access on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch via the Flipboard app.

Join us on the Apple web; AppleTell now hiring writers

You’ve been using apps for quite a while now, right? Rating them in the App Store? Maybe you’ve been tweeting about Apple news or defending your iPhone against those Android guys on Facebook? Well, why not get paid for it? AppleTell is continuing to grow, and we have some big goals ahead of us for 2013. We’d like for you to help us reach them.

Happy New Year from AppleTell

Here we are at the end of another year. If you survived the Mayan Apocalypse like the rest of us, congratulations! We’re glad you’re still with us in both body and pageviews. We at AppleTell have had a great time bringing you our take on Apple news and products, and we’re thrilled you checked in to see what we have to say. Have a healthy, hAppy, and prosperous 2013.

Appletell will be at PAX Prime Aug 31 – Sep 2

PAX Prime is a convention that’s all about games and the gamers who play them—from concerts with the loudest nerdcore music to an exhibit hall full of publishers and developers showing off their latest and greatest games and hardware to panels covering every aspect of gaming. Whether you’re a fan of computer gaming, mobile gaming, or tabletop gaming, PAX Prime will have something that interests you.


iPad Appidemic: Glo Bible Premium

As a kid, my interest in the Bible began not in church, but in this huge, old hardbound edition my parents had sitting next to the encyclopedias. Before I could read, I was fascinated by its gory, baroque depictions of decapitated giants and its brutal imagery of the crucifixion of Christ. That was the coolest Bible I’d ever seen…until perhaps now.

Appletell announces easy access to iPhone app/game reviews

In an effort to make it easier for you—our intelligent and wildly attractive readers—to access our ever-growing number of iPhone and iPod touch reviews, we’ve created new landing areas for each. Both sections can be accessed from the Special Features area in the right hand column of our site.


Take our readership survey, win an Xbox 360

Here at Appletell we are committed to bringing you great content day after day, allowing you to stay in the know about everything Apple. We have opted to offer you all this information for free, by serving various banner ads (and sometimes video ads) across the site. Thankfully there are a few bigger advertisers interested more »


A new Appletell design for 2009

Appletell New Design Screenshot
We are very excited to launch the next version of Appletell. We have rolled this new design out to Gadgetell and Appletell, and will follow-up with Gamertell in two weeks. Here is a rundown of what we were trying to achieve with the new site and some of the changes that went along with it.

Be famous! (aka: blog for Appletell)

We are looking for a few new writers and figured that there may be no better place to look for Apple-heads than on Appletell itself. With our recent rapid growth we are in need of additional writers to provide regular, high quality, content for the site. To make the cut you must: have a strong more »