How to install new life in an old iMac – Part 2 [video]

We complete a brain transplant in an old 2006 iMac.


How to install new life in an old iMac – Part 1 [video]

We perform emergency surgery on a dying iMac. “Metzenbaum scissors!”

Review: Yantouch Diamond+ wireless speaker [video]

The impressive ambient light show compensates for the mediocre audio.


Review: Catalyst Waterproof iPhone case [video]

We risk an iPhone for the sake of fair and accurate journalism.

Our totally unnecessary iPad Air 2 unboxing video

A box opening is documented for the benefit of future generations.

Our totally unnecessary iPhone 6 unboxing video

Watch me open a box and react accordingly.

E3 2014 video: Fish, Strike, Duel and…Pocket? with Natsume

Natsume brought a slate of iOS games with them to E3 2014, including Gabrielle’s Monster Duel, Ninja Strike, and Hometown Story Pocket. Appletell was there to capture previews of these games, which range from combat runners, to sport and shopping simulators, to turn-based battlers.

E3 2014 video: Gameloft engages in Modern Combat, then runs

Thomas Price of Gameloft took some time on the show floor to preview of their upcoming iPad, iPhone and Android games for us, including Modern Combat 5, a premium experience shooter, web-runner Spider-Man Unlimited, Asphalt Overdrive, Dungeon Gems, and games for the little ‘uns: Cars: Fast as Lightning and Ice Age Adventures.

E3 2014 video: Square Enix’s Ollie Sykes on Hitman: Sniper

If you’re an iOS gamer (and aren’t we all, really?), you can’t attend E3 without spending some time with Square Enix. On Tuesday afternoon, Appletell Editor Kirk Hiner took a look at the gameplay of the upcoming iOS game Hitman: Sniper in an interview with Square Enix’s Ollie Sykes.

AppleTell speaks with Tappd at Macworld / iWorld 2014

Here at AppleTell we work hard to let you know about which apps are about to go all Flappy Bird, and which ones won’t, but should. You can trust us, but you can also touch your friends and complete strangers who just love to share the great apps they’ve found, whether for saving or wasting time. That’s the premise behind Tappd.

AppleTell speaks with Kamino at Macworld / iWorld 2014

One of the great things about Macworld / iWorld, from a media perspective, is getting the chance to speak directly with developers about their apps. We had a few conversations with Louis Huynh, president and CEO at Kamino Labs. They’ve developed Kamino, an urban exploration app which encourages users to share hikes that highlight the places they love in their town.

AppleTell’s unnecessary iPad Air unboxing video

Another new Apple product, another video of that product’s box being opened. This morning, I went to a mall before the shoe shoppers arrived to pick up the iPad Air I ordered online just a few hours earlier. I brought it home, checked to see if my son is talking yet (he’s not), then shot this iPad Air unboxing video for your viewing pleasure.