iPhone, iPad app and accessory holiday sales [final 2014 update]

Our final update brings new sales from SkinIt, Square Enix, 2K, and more.

Mac app and accessories holiday sale roundup [final 2014 update]

Save money, and look like you didn’t forget about someone until the last minute!

Stocking stuffers for the tech savvy: BodyGuardz ScreenGuardz

Nothing ruins Christmas faster than a cracked touchscreen.

A roundup of stocking stuffers for the tech savvy

Somewhere between the usefulness of a TOMY Pocket game and the price of an iPhone.


Stocking stuffers for the tech savvy: Lightning cables

All colors, all shapes, all lengths, all necessary.

Thinking of buying a camera? How to pick the right one

Take the time and do the research to make sure you find the best fit.

Stocking stuffers for the tech savvy: Une Bobine and PlugDock

They fit your stocking and your budget.

Black Friday 2014 iPhone, iPad app and accessory deals [updated]

Some pretty impressive sales on some pretty impressive products.

Find great gift ideas in the Technology Tell Apple Gift Guide

Excellent Apple gift ideas for all products, prices and recipients.

Five Mac games that make fantastic last minute gifts

Want to know a secret about gift giving? No one cares when you bought the gift. What matters is that the gift is awesome I mean it’s the thought that counts. What matters is that it’s the thought that counts. These five Mac games from 2013 will show you put plenty of thought into your gifts, and through the wonders of digital downloads, it won’t matter if you bought them on Cyber Monday or Christmas Eve.

Social Playbook: The best iOS and Mac game gifts you can play together

With families and friends living in different parts of the world, it’s hard to spend time together. Sure, you can call or text, but there’s a limit to how many times you can talk about your day at work or school. So, what can you do to still stay close with your loved ones? Play games together! There are many options—from MMOs to MOBAs—on your gaming computer or smartphone. With Christmas just ahead and sales in full swing, now is the best time to do last-minute shopping.

AppleTell Gift Guide: Sumo Lounge Sultan bean bag chair

This is not the first time I’ve suggested a Sumo Lounge bean bag chair as a unique gift idea. Earlier this year, I recommended the Sumo Lounge Emperor as a fun piece of furniture with which to ship your kids off to college. I can’t make that suggestion with the Sumo Lounge Sultan, however, because this thing is big…far too big to fit in a dorm room. For the den or a family member’s first apartment, however, it makes a fun holiday gift.