Our favorite products of CES 2015: Dueling headphones

Sennheiser and Bang & Olufsen battle it out for our favor product of CES 2015.

Textkraft 3.1 upgrade restores interface features cherished by serious writers

A new expanded toolbar returns access to all important writing functions without opening pop-ups first.

The five best-looking iPhone cases of CES 2015

Some familiar names, a couple newcomers, and plenty of gorgeous and/or funky designs.

CES Bytes: The trend of connected home devices

Connected home devices are all the rage at this year’s CES.

Preview: Avernum 2: Crystal Souls for Mac and PC

Start out as a lowly soldier at a remote outpost, but then guess what happens.

Hands on @ CES 2015: Gymwatch Fitness Tracker

The Gymwatch virtual personal trainer can be an easy way to keep your fitness resolutions.

Hands on @ CES 2015: 3D Sound Labs Neoh

They provide true to life audio by measuring your head’s location.


iPad accessory spotlight: BrydgeAir Bluetooth iPad keyboard case

You may find yourself using it even when your Mac is right there available to you.

iPhone 6 aluminum bumper case showdown: Tigris vs. Draco 6

It’s DracoDesign vs. DracoDesign with two of the best looking aluminum bumpers you’ll ever see.


Stocking stuffers for the tech savvy: Lightning cables

All colors, all shapes, all lengths, all necessary.

Hands-on with LokSak protective bags for electronic devices

Protection from sweat, rain, bears and enemy radio frequencies.


Hands-on with the MOS Kick stand and utility for iPhone and Android devices

Get that perfect lime lapse shot, then pop open a beer to celebrate.