First look at Adobe Comp – the digital napkin for iPad

Easily create mock ups of your creative designs on your iPad.

Hands-on with the Textkraft 3.2 iPad text processor update

TextKraft, Infovole’s powerful text app, just keeps getting better and better.


iOS 8.1 bugs made me an iOS 8.2 early adopter

We’re not out of the woods yet. Bring on iOS 8.3.


A closer look at the new Macbook and USB-C

The new MacBook proves Apple laptop innovation is not dead, not by a long shot.


Dungeon Hunter 5 for iOS and Android bullet point impressions

Reasons to grab this game tomorrow, laid out in bullet-item format for your convenience.

WaterField Designs’ Spike Wallet for Apple Pay users

Accommodate just the essentials when you’re going card-free with ApplePay.

Hands-on with Google’s YouTube Kids iOS app

YouTube Kids makes it safer and easier for children to find videos on topics they want to explore.

Here’s why you need the NewerTech Numeric KeyPad

Numeric keypads may not be exciting, but they can make data entry much faster if you’re number crunching.

Visiting the House of Marley

“Deeply rooted in Bob Marley’s vision of consciousness, upliftment and change…”

Hands-on with Dungeon Hunter 5 for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Short version; you need to keep Dungeon Hunter 5 on your radar.

Hands on: Pad & Quill’s Little Pocket Book, Bella Fino iPhone 6 cases

Cases on par with the design mastery of the iPhone.

Hands-on with the Marvel Heroes 2015 open beta for OS X

In Marvel Heroes 2015, can you play as Squirrel Girl? Yes. Yes you can.