New 21.5-inch, $1,099 iMac should satisfy most entry-level users

I’m surprised by the amount of disdain that’s been generated by Apple’s release of a new, entry-level iMac this week, priced at $1,099. That’s an unprecedented low water mark for iMac pricing since the model was introduced back in 1998. The catch is that the new iMac is basically an entry-level MacBook Air in desktop clothing.

Learning to love the iPad – tying the knot on three years

Learning to love the iPad has been easy with its brilliant design, top–drawer materials and build quality, and anvil-like reliability. It has never even hiccupped over the three years, and the battery still gives me two good days worth of work-use on a charge.

E3 2014: Rolling through World of Tanks Blitz with

You’d think that having a user-base of 85,000,000 players would keep the folks at happy, but it doesn’t. That’s just PC gamers, and there’s another world out there in the form of iOS gamers. They know this in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland, where World of Tanks Blitz had its soft launch six weeks ago. And on June 26th, American iOS gamers will be getting their draft notices as well.

Appidemic: Now Alarm Clock for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

It’s been a long time since I’ve used a by-God alarm clock. That’s kind of a bummer, because my last one projected the time up onto the ceiling, which was really cool. But now that I’ve got an iPhone that sits charging on my night stand every night, that may as well serve as my alarm clock. The question I pose today, then, is whether Now Alarm Clock should be my alarm clock app.

Appidemic: The Adventures of Ash & Ollie: ScreenTime for iOS

Back when I was a kid, “managing screen time” wasn’t a lesson that needed to be taught. I had only one screen, after all, and there wasn’t a whole lot on it. Parents these days are faced with numerous screens throughout the house. The Adventures of Ash & Ollie seeks to teach kids the importance of getting away from screens, but ironically serves up numerous ads for other apps.

Is the 2nd gen iPad Air worth waiting for?

I get why Apple hates product rumor mills and “insider” leaks. I’ve been planning an iPad upgrade for several months yet, with my iPad 2 about to tie the three-year knot. But after a new tranche of next generation iPad scuttlebutt came to light last week, I’m inclined to think that—save for failure or loss of my iPad 2—I’ll try to hold off pulling the trigger on an iPad Air or iPad mini with Retina Display purchase until the next generations become available


Five tech-culture anthropology answers from an “Old” to Millennials

Given the opportunity to go back to a 1950s and ’60s level of technology, it would be a tough choice, and I can’t say I wouldn’t. But in general, I wouldn’t trade having grown up in that era for growing up in this one. Technology is a mixed blessing. You Millennials missed out on a lot that I’m grateful to have experienced.

E3 2014 video: Fish, Strike, Duel and…Pocket? with Natsume

Natsume brought a slate of iOS games with them to E3 2014, including Gabrielle’s Monster Duel, Ninja Strike, and Hometown Story Pocket. Appletell was there to capture previews of these games, which range from combat runners, to sport and shopping simulators, to turn-based battlers.

Appidemic: Third Eye Crime for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Third Eye Crime is a top-down stealth puzzle game featuring Rothko who can telepathically predict the movement of his enemies. Use items and power-ups to distract those who will stop you from stealing as much treasure as you can before you make your escape.

Aliens, cows and Richard Sherman – our complete E3 2014 photo gallery

Although we’re here at E3 to tell you about the iOS and Mac games coming your way, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun playing around in booths unrelated to our mission, right? The show floor is a cacophony of sites and sounds that are constantly fighting for your attention, and here’s our ongoing E3 2014 photo gallery of some of the booths that won that fight.

We still need split-screen multitasking for iPad

I don’t get is the level of hostility toward the concept of iPad split-screen multitasking that’s been expressed by many forum commentators. Real, multiwindowed multitasking is a non-negotiable necessity for serious post-PC productivity.

E3 2014 video: Gameloft engages in Modern Combat, then runs

Thomas Price of Gameloft took some time on the show floor to preview of their upcoming iPad, iPhone and Android games for us, including Modern Combat 5, a premium experience shooter, web-runner Spider-Man Unlimited, Asphalt Overdrive, Dungeon Gems, and games for the little ‘uns: Cars: Fast as Lightning and Ice Age Adventures.