We plan to Mac the hell out of E3 2015

Pay attention, Mac and iOS gamers. This week includes you, too.

Appidemic: Hitman Sniper for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Alright Agent 47, keep it clean and make it quick, you don’t have much time.

Hoping an Apple iCar will be more than a four-wheeled iDevice

Whatever it is, I hope it will reflect the Jobs/Ive/Cue passion for drivers’ cars.


Summer essentials: Hands-on with the Catalyst waterproof iPhone 6 case

Your iPhone is totally up for a summer road trip to the beach.


Pandora and Spotify need not be worried about Apple Music

Apple faces a tough sell to Millennials and to old fogies like me.


Will the iOS 9 productivity features convince you to buy a new iPad?

You’ll need a recent model iPad in order to take advantage of SlideOver, picture in picture, and split view.


Split-screen multitasking for iPad in iOS 9 is an exciting productivity improvement

The addition of even this limited sort of multi-windowed multitasking is a big step forward for the iOS.

Appidemic: Super Death Ray for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Not very lethal, virtually or literally, as far as super death rays go.


Retina MacBook’s “thin and light” obsession compromises Apple user experience

You’ll love looking at it and picking it up. You won’t love using it.


Open Source community complains about Apple, but most still use Apple gear

Oddly, “better than Microsoft” is only the third most popular reason.

Appidemic: Sleep Science HQ for iPhone

Study your sleep patterns, then smooth them out.

Appidemic: Queen: Play the Game for iOS

Open up your mind and let me step inside.