Converting from Aperture to Lightroom: Starting the process

Adobe has just released a starting process for Aperture users to start using Lightroom. The bad news is this is not really a formal migration process, but rather an opportunity for Aperture users to start using Adobe’s software. The good news for Aperture users, and all photographers, is that Adobe recently formalized their Creative Cloud Photography Plan that provides both Lightroom, Photoshop, Bridge, Behance, and 2 GB of Creative Cloud storage for $9.99/month (annual plan paid monthly).


Now that the iPad’s all grown up, it needs to decide what it’s going to be

First, let me say I don’t think the iPad is in any danger of disappearing any time soon; Apple still sold more than 13.3 million of the critters in its 2014 fiscal Q3. However, my guess is that the iPad is suffering a bit of a late-adolescent identity crisis at the four year mark, in that it remains unclear just what its mission and purpose are in the not-really-post-PC era.

Appidemic: Hook’d – Video Music Messaging for iOS [updated]

Hook’d from MuseAmi lets you record yourself singing along with your favorite song(s) and post the video(s) to the web. The app includes the ability to purchase a variety of karaoke tracks ($0.99 each or 5 track packs for $3.99). Hook’d functions as advertised, but that’s about as good as it gets.

Appidemic: 80 Days for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Well, Passepartout, it’s time to see it you can live up to your name. We shall be travelling around the world and we have only 80 Days in which to complete our journey. Let’s go. 80 Days is based (in some ways more loosely than others) on the Jules Verne classic, Around the World in 80 Days.

Why does any personal computing form factor have to die?

Yahoo Finance’s Shawna Ohm explains in a recent column why “the PC just won’t die,” but why does any computing platform have to die? After all, it doesn’t have to be a zero sum equation. Tablets didn’t kill off PCs, and phablets won’t kill off tablets; as long as people need to go to work every day, personal computers are here to stay.


Back-to-school giveaway: UE Boom – Jettison Edition wireless speaker

Today is the last day for entries in our first giveaway of the back-to-school season. Have you entered yet? We’re giving away an Ultimate Ears UE Boom wireless speaker to one lucky AppleTell reader. The specific model is the UE Boom – Jettison Edition, a limited run designed by skateboard artist Don Pendleton, worth $199.99.


Do memory costs make the iPhone “the biggest rip-off in tech?”

LAPTOP mag Editor in Chief Mark Spoonauer says that according to Michael Yang, a senior principal analyst for market research firm IHS, smartphone makers pay a princely eight dollars for 16 GB of mobile device RAM, which he contends makes 16 GB iPhones (and by extension iPads) “the biggest rip-off in tech.” Perhaps a trifle overstated, but as a 16 GB iPad owner, I get where he’s coming from.

Appidemic: Moshling Rescue! for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Moshling Rescue! is a fun match-3 game with a wide variety of power-ups, objectives, and cuteness. If you’ve played other match-3 games, there is a lot that will be familiar to you. But Moshling Rescue! does have some features I haven’t seen in other match-3 games.

Appidemic: Solve the explained in Secret Files Tunguska for iOS

When Russian scientist Vladimir Kalenkow disappears while investigating the “unexplained” Tunguska Event of 1908, his daughter steps into action. Along with Vladimir’s assistant, Max, she will attempt to outrun both Russian intelligence and a secret society to unravel the mystery and hopefully find her dad in Secret Files Tunguska.


The iPad passé? I think not

The latest meme circulating, gathering momentum after Apple’s fiscal 3rd-quarter financials were announced showing a second consecutive quarter of negative sales iPad sales growth, is that tablets—our beloved iPad included—are passé. The IT market is once again proving to have the attention span of a fruit fly.


Hands-on with the OS X Yosemite beta, 24 hours in

Yosemite represents the most drastic Mac OS interface shift since the original OS X Aqua interface with its pinstripes and lickable buttons. I guess it’s appropriate that this version be opened up for beta testing just like its predecessor. Here are my impressions from my first day using the new OS X.

Would a 30% thinner iPad mini “Air” revive sales?

I’m not sure the world really needs a 5.25mm thick iPad mini. It would be interesting technologically, but he current mini seems comfortably small, light, and thin enough for me. However, if Apple indeed does launch an iPad mini Air, I hope enough people will disagree with me on that point to make it a success for Apple and secure the mini’s future.