Appidemic: Pinch social matchmaking for iOS

The premise behind Pinch is simple; browse through your friends’ friends, and if you find one you’re interested in you pinch the profiles together. The app gives you some simple ice breaker games to get to know your matches, taking the guesswork out of blind date mutual friend hookups.

Is the Internet making us stupid? (or, most of the important stuff I know I learned from books)

Researchers find online reading has a negative impact on people’s cognition, with concentration, comprehension, absorption, and recall rates when engaging with online material all much lower than with hard copy. I don’t think Internet-enabled instant access to information from a firehose, as it were, is making me smarter. More broadly informed in a chaotic way, perhaps.

Appidemic: Simple Ball for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

All that playground training is about to pay off. Bounce the ball, roll the ball, speed the ball up, invert gravity for the ball; the usual, in Simple Ball, a stripped down puzzle game for iOS in which you need to get the ball to touch the target (a yellow dot).


Adobe’s Creative Cloud is still evolving, for better and worse

Adobe is now branding/naming their software on an annual basis. Thus, this years updates will be CC-2014, and it’s safe to assume that subsequent releases will be CC-2015, CC-2016, etc. This is important because some of the software is radically changing, most specifically Photoshop.

Appidemic: Blackwell Legacy for iPhone and iPad

Rosangela Blackwell can talk to ghosts. She discovers this when Joey, the family ghost, appears in her apartment and tells her she’s a medium with a responsibility to help ghosts find their way into the afterlife. Her first mission, whether she wants it or not, is to find out why a college student took her own life.


With an iPhone 6 “phablet” coming, does the iPad mini have a future?

A degree of iPad mini sales cannibalization by the iPhone 6 is inevitable. The operative question is “how much?” If a large enough proportion of potentially prospective iPad mini buyers actually do decide that the compromises imposed by an iPhone 6 phablet as a tablet surrogate are tolerable, then the market will have spoken and it will be goodbye iPad mini.

Appidemic: Sonic Jump Fever for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Taking old skins and slapping them on new games is not an uncommon practice in video games. And in the world of mobile gaming, where players are more likely to follow a gaming trend than a franchise, it’s pretty much the norm. But as I spent the past couple days with a preview copy of Sonic Jump Fever, I found myself wondering if this isn’t the best use of the character yet on an iOS device.


The iPad productivity debate

While it is possible to be productive on an iOS device to a degree, iPad productivity is simply not as high as with a Mac or Windows PC. For some tasks it’s not even close, or not possible at all. The fact is, at this stage of its development, the iOS does not support getting the same work done as on a desktop computer, at least in a timely and efficient manner.

Appidemic: Netwars interactive graphic novel for iOS

If you like to hack computer systems but don’t like the prison time, we may have just the job for you. The government would like you to help improve their security. Not only will they not jail you, they will pay you to do it. Learn all about it (and more) in the interactive graphic novel Netwars for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Appidemic: Small Stars Movie Quiz for iOS

Has trivia ever been this adorable? Certainly, this is the cutest Leatherface and Sweeney Todd have ever been. That’s because they’re all part of Small Stars Movie Quiz, which tasks you with identifying pop culture icons from across five genres of film, then proving that you remember a thing or two about them.

No relief likely on Apple’s inflated memory prices

Aside from padding Apple’s profit margins, there is no justification for the iPhone and iPad $100 per step-up tariff, and we all know it. But one thing Apple could do to ease the sting of its memory upgrade prices would be to start at a higher base, making the upgrade progression 32/64/128 instead of 16/32/64.

iPad becomes powerful multiple sclerosis management tool at Cleveland Clinic

Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, have determined that Apple’s iPad (and potentially other tablet computers that feature built-in technologies like accelerometers, gyroscopes, and touchscreens), when combined with appropriate software, can provide pretty good MS assessment capabilities.