Exploring Left in the Dark: No One On Board for OS X

The ghost girl says not to get on the ship, so let’s get on that ship!

Rising Star Games reveals Mac games at Gamescom

Tulpa’s the surrealistic one, TRI is the perplexing one.

Blinding Dark aims to redefine horror on Mac, PC and Linux

But they’re doing it by starting the game off like every other horror game ever made.


Daedalic announces Anna’s Quest for 2015 release

Anna lives a peaceful life. How long do you suppose that will last?


A night out with Hitman: Absolution – Elite Edition for Mac review

We have to acknowledge Feral Interactive for understanding what games we want before we want them. As Mac gamers, we see the PC and console releases and often think, “That’d be nice to have.” We’d take them all, good or bad. Feral is smarter. They pick and choose, and largely make the right decisions. Hitman: Absolution – Elite Edition is one of their latest right decisions.

Amiga classic Wings! spotted above Mac, PC, iOS and Android

Earlier this week, the gaming community threw a hissy fit when 2K announced they’re bringing the FPS classic BioShock to iPad. Maybe the more mature gamers who grew up on the Amiga will be more appreciative of the announcement Wings! Remastered Edition is coming to PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices later this year.

Your Weekend GOG Promo visits the Land of the Lounge Lizards

The latest Weekend GOG Promo is called Midsummer Gamer’s Dream, and it is just that with Leisure Suit Larry: Greatest Hits and Misses and Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail available for under $5.00. That godawful Magna Cum Laude is in there, too, but for PC only. This is one of those instances where not getting a PC port is a good thing for Mac gamers.

The Sims 2 is new again on the Mac App Store

“Whoa, whoa, hold on, Hiner,” I hear you say. “The Sims 4 is coming. Why would I care about The Sims 2?” It’s a valid question, but one with valid answers. First, because The Sims 2 is the Sims before EA got all wonky with the entire Sims franchise. Second, because it’s been completely overhauled to work with modern hardware and OS configurations.

Become one of The Devil’s Men with Daedalic contest

In 2015, Mac and PC gamers will have the opportunity to buy The Devil’s Men, a new adventure game from Daedalic Entertainment. Won’t it be more fun to play, though, if you’re, you know, in the game? Daedalic is giving two fans that opportunity during this year’s Gamescom in Cologne, both online at Facebook and Twitter as well as at their booth.

Kickstarter Find: Fallen: A2P Protocol turn-based strategy game

It’s long been my belief that when your game is paying homage to Fallout and X-COM, it deserves some attention, even if a Mac and iOS version is a “stretch.” And so, here’s Red Katana’s turn-based tactical strategy game Fallen: A2P Protocol, which is now up on Kickstarter. The game has a $75,000 goal for the PC version, but stretch goals will see it also hit Mac, Linux, tablets, PS4 and Xbox One (poor, poor Nintendo).

“Together We Game:” Logitech crowdsources game dev

Logitech has announced they’re working on a new tower defense game, to be developed via crowdsourcing on a subreddit. The project is titled “Together We Game,” and users will contribute to and vote on every element of the game, from initial ideas to final product.

GOG Weekend Promo angers me, but may please you

I don’t know; maybe it’s not GOG’s fault, but one of the greatest Mac games I never finished was Giants: Citizen Kabuto. It’s available on GOG for only $4.99 through Tuesday, August 5th…but for PC only. What Mac games are on sale? A bunch of old Interplay games (MacPlay, to us), including another longtime favorite of mine and one that features Mojo Nixon.