Broken Age gets a retail release

It’s on its way to Mac, PC and Linux gamers.

Find Munin’s lost feathers in a side-scrolling puzzle platformer

Help Odin’s faithful raven journey through the nine realms of Yggdrasil to find its lost wings in Munin, a side-scrolling puzzle platformer for OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Third Eye Crime offers a unique twist to the stealth puzzle game

Third Eye Crime is a stealth puzzle game featuring Rothko, a smooth-talking criminal who can telepathically predict what his enemies will do.

Godfire-Rise of Prometheus is a challenging open world game for iOS and Android

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus puts players in the armour of Prometheus as he battles to retrieve the Godfire Spark and bring its powers to humanity.

Help Gomo save his dog in a point and click adventure

Help Gomo save his dog in a point and click adventure for OS X and Windows.

Secrets of Raetikon flying to OS X, Windows, and Linux

Secrets of Raetikon is an atmospheric, open-world 2D game where you fly like a bird and explore an uncharted world for OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Warhammer 40k – Carnage brings side-scrolling action to iOS and Android

Warhammer 40k: Carnage is a side-scrolling action RPG with players as a space marine fighting the Ork horde with a lethal arsenal of Boltguns, Chainswords, Grenades, Thunder Hammers, and more.

Across Age 2 coming to iPhone and iPad on January 16th

FDG Entertainment has announced that Across Age 2 will be releases for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on January 16, 2014. This sequel to the popular Across Age—the first “Japanese Retro Action RPG” on the App Store—will offer the same engaging storyline, intense action and eerie dungeons, but in a whole new game experience. Across Age 2 comes with over 20 hours of exciting gameplay and beautiful pixel perfect 2D environments optimized for Retina Display.

Become a god in Dominions 4 for OS X, Windows, and Linux

Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension is a strategy game where you play as a god to take over a world with powers and followers of your choosing. You have unimaginable powers at your disposal. You have claimed this world as yours. But there are others who stand in your way. You must defeat and destroy these pretenders. Only then can you ascend to godhood and become the new Pantokrator.


PAX Prime 2013: Guns of Icarus Online to have new ways to play

Guns of Icarus Online has some exciting additions that will expand the current skirmish mode to include co-op and adventure modes, and will also introduce fighter planes.

Nominate your favorite game for the Independent Games Festival

The Independent Games Festival is now accepting nominations for your favorite indie game to win nearly $60,000 in prizes. You have until October 19th to submit games for the Main Showcase categories, and October 31st for the Student Showcase categories. Finalists will be announced in January 2014 and will be playable at the IGF Pavilion on the Game Developers Conference 2014 Expo Floor.

A Valley Without Wind 2 launches on Steam for Mac and PC

A Valley Without Wind 2, an old school platform adventure with a robust turn-based strategy portion, is now available on Steam for Mac and PC. Until February 25th you can save 25% off the original price of $14.99, which also includes the original game for free.