Withings Activité smartwatch marries function with form

Apple may working on an iWatch, and they may not be. It may be released this year, and it may not be. If you’re tired of playing the waiting game, Withings has just given you a reason to look elsewhere with the Withings Activité, “… an elegant, Swiss-made timepiece that seamlessly fuses haute-couture design with intuitive, discrete technology.”

Nike FuelBand SE arrives on November 6th

With a focus on performance and athletics and a base of Nike+ products, Nike managed to create a device not only for athletes and health nuts, but for the average consumer as well. Now, a little more than a year after Nike released the FuelBand, it has introduced a successor called the FuelBand SE. The FuelBand SE brings many improvements to the design and connectivity of the device, adding new colors and making it more durable.

V-MODA announces Faders VIP Earplugs

Makers of award-winning headphones, V-MODA has unveiled their latest product—the Faders VIP—and it’s not quite what you’d expect from a company known for pumping great audio into your skull. The Faders VIP are earplugs that reduce noise levels by 12dB across the frequency spectrum. The goal is to protect your hearing at clubs, concerts and maybe even the Hard Rock Cafe. The Faders VIP are available now and will set you back $20, which is a small price to pay to protect your hearing.

CES 2012: Mimoco announces new USB minifigs

There’s no denying that a major problem facing the U.S.A. is a lack of things you can buy that feature licensed representations of the intellectual property of major corporations. Fortunately, companies are working night and day to address this issue. To wit: Mimoco has announced that soon you’ll be able to tell the world that you, yes you, approve of the “Star Wars” and “Super Friends” by proudly displaying them as superdeformed figures on your USB drive.

A super sized Atari 2600 joystick

According to a report from The Guardian, it seems like O2 will now be the exclusive mobile carrier of Apple’s iPhone in the UK. Unfortunately, the carrier had to offer as much as 40% of its sales revenue to the Cupertino-based electronics giant. The margin will be confirmed tomorrow, but another competitor has already described more »