iCloud now has two-step verification for extra security

You now have no one to blame but yourselves, Hollywood.

Apple adding email alerts to iCloud service

At least now you’ll know when you’re nude photos are being viewed.

Celebrities: Here’s an iCloud alternative for your nude photos

I’m thinking of calling my service Celebrity Box. Or DropDrawers.

Apple using China Telecom servers to store iCloud data

China doesn’t trust the NSA.

Apple improves iCloud security with extra encryption

Most cloud services providers have been boosting their security with the intent of warding off the NSA and other malicious groups. The same thing is happening with Apple and iCloud, as encryption for iCloud expands to protect file transfers from the sender all the way to the receiver. Though the receiver must be using an email client that supports TLS encryption, this update does improve security for most users.

Apple says iCloud not compromised in Australia

A number of iPhones, iPads, and Macs were hacked in Australia the other day. Following these reports, Apple sent out a statement that iCloud was not compromised. The company claims the iCloud service is safe and secure, contrary to reports that users in Australia have been locked out of their own iDevices. This hack has since spread to Canada, the US, and New Zealand.

iWork for iCloud gets new features

iWork for iCloud—which includes Pages, Keynote, and Numbers—has been updated to include more collaboration and editing abilities. You can now create 2D and interactive charts with more color options and images up to 10 MB (up from 5 MB), and you can work with up to 100 people (up from 50) on the same document, which can be up to 1GB (up from 200 MB) in size.

Rumors suggest Apple may add Bookmarks to

According to new rumors, Apple has a solution on the way that will make Safari bookmarks available for all users through While this is currently just speculation, it’s hopefully a strong indication that Apple is still dedicated to expanding their iCloud services beyond Apple devices, and will allow users to access their bookmarks from any web browser on any mobile computer.

Apple adds flat iOS 7 design elements to iWork for iCloud apps

Apple’s iWork for iCloud has finally received the iOS 7 treatment. On Thursday, Apple updated the Pages, Keynote, and Numbers applications for iWork— as well as several other online services from Apple—with the new iOS 7 design, making the template selection screen and document library look synchronized on iOS devices.

Complimentary 20GB iCloud storage expires for MobileMe users

After Apple introduced iCloud, the company acknowledged that a lot of its longtime MobileMe users would need some time and storage to transition all of their files over to the new service. So, the company gave all MobileMe users an additional 20GB of iCloud storage on a temporary basis to help ease the transition. Apple has now notified all users who received the additional storage that their 20GB has been reduced to the free 5GB level.

Apple updates beta with iOS 7 design

Apple’s iOS 7 design is finally beginning to spread to the company’s other services, as the public release for the mobile OS gets closer. On Wednesday, the iCloud beta website was updated with the same redesigned icons seen in iOS 7. The beta now sports the same flat design for Mail, Contact, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, and Find My iPhone.


Pages for iCloud beta hands-on

I opened Pages for iCloud in three different browsers—Safari, Chrome, and Firefox—and found that Safari worked the best which did not come as a surprise to me. Chrome did an okay job, although sometimes it would lag and throw up the rainbow wheel. Worst of them all was Firefox; maybe the worst experience you may have with a browser based document.