E3 2015: Dan Tudge explains the roll of the DM in Sword Coast Legends [video]

A game so exciting, we had to visit its developers twice.


E3 2015 preview: Natsume for you, me and iOS

Mobile or console, casual or RPG, Natsume just wants us to have fun.

E3 2015 preview: InnoGames forges a gaming empire

InnoGames’ Fabio Lo-Zito talks to us about mobile and browser-based games as we look ahead to E3 2015.

Interview: Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software

“One of my key bits of advice for any young creative person, no matter what the medium, is to be a constant reader.”


Interview: Jane Jensen reflects on Gabriel Knight, adventure games

Her games hold up very well after 20 years.

Brooklyn startup Tinybop releases Homes app, continues rapid growth

Tinybop has quickly become one of Apple’s darlings.

Fuse Chicken announces LEDGE, talks Kickstarter, Apple

On the declining relevancy of Kickstarter, and why Apple accessories are still the place to be.

Interview: Wadjet Eye Games discusses game development and ports

“Don’t do episodic!”

AppleTell interviews Dean Graziano, Founder and CEO of Lively

Smartphones have changed the concert experience, which means I now have to look past countless people with their arms up high, trying to capture unwatchable and unlistenable videos to upload to YouTube. Thankfully, there’s a better way. It’s called Lively, and its founder and CEO, Dean Graziano, recently took time to answer our questions about his app, beginning with my problem with all the amateur concert film directors.


Smule is giving music back to the people

We’ve been covering Smule at AppleTell since they first released Ocarina. But we’ve moved on since then, and so has Smule. The company has grown into one of the most recognized names amongst app developers, and they’ve done it under the simple premise that, as chief product and design officer Jeannie Yang puts it, “Everybody’s creative.”

Behind Blue Mic; a Macworld/iWorld 2014 preview

Each year when IDG updates Macworld/iWorld website with the list of companies that’ll be exhibiting, one of the first companies I seek out is Blue Microphones. As they’ll be back this year, I fired a quick set of pre-show questions over to Blue to see what they value about Macworld, and Hillary Money—PR and events manager at Blue—took time from her event preparations to let us know what we can expect.


Macworld / iWorld 2014: Where are the games?

Unlike most Mac game publishers who used to exhibit during the halcyon days of the Macworld Games Pavilion, Aspyr Media is still around, and they continue to publish outstanding games for the Macintosh. So, why not show them off at Macworld / iWorld in San Francisco later this month? I asked Aspyr’s vice president of publishing, Elizabeth Howard, that very question…amongst others.