Square Enix rolls out three new iOS, Android games

And one of them is Chaos Rings III. Also, Lara Croft: Relic Run and Snack Truck Fever. But come on…Chaos Rings III!

Don’t replace your Apple Lightning cable, protect it with Tudia Klip

Apple’s Lighting and 30-pin charging cables are weak and expensive. Protect them.

Queen: Play the Game app now available for iOS, Android

It’s so easy when you know the rules.

Scosche debuts flatOUT LED Lightning charge/sync cable

Practical, but it’s really more about how cool it looks.

Duet Display app turns iPad into second display for Mac and PC

60 frames per second and zero lag.

Hands-on with Quetzalcoatl for iPhone, iPad

Quetzalcoatl is Snake, if Snake was an aptitude test.

Cherubs make your music a bit more angelic

Now accepting tithes and offerings at Indiegogo.

IK Multimedia rocks on with Amplitube 4

Virtual Cab Room, a 4-track Looper, enhanced UI, and much more.

Celebrate Pac-Man’s 35th with the Pac-Man 256 glitch

The glitch that ended so many games of Pac-Man in the arcades is now becoming a game itself.

Deluxe Comfort rolls out the TAB Roll

If I could have only one iPad accessory, a lap pillow holder would be my choice without hesitation.

Breach TD coming soon to iOS

A mix of tower defense, real-time strategy, and MOBA-like gameplay.

Haunted Empire – Three Kingdoms pits ghosts against humans

MOBA and RPG elements combine for a unique strategic RPG experience.