Review: Powerit Portable Jump Start & Power Supply Kit

It could become part of your mandatory roadside (or fireside) emergency kit.

The ONE Music Group offers MFI-certified smart pianos

Tickle the ivories on the world’s first and currently only upright, Apple MFi-certified piano on the market.

Soundfreaq goes water resistant with Sound Kick 2

Sound Kick 2 Bluetooth speaker provides great sound without the fear of water.


Review: Gladiator Glass round edge iPhone 6 screen protector

Goes on well, stays put and does what it’s supposed to do.

designed by m is Kickstarting the Simple Station Dock

Charge your iPhone and Apple Watch on one device.

Review: Misfit Shine Ekocycle activity tracker

The Misfit Shine Ekocycle combines fitness tracking and environmental consciousness.

Sandman Alarm Clock will charge multiple devices while you sleep

Too many USB devices to charge overnight? The Sandman Alarm Clock has you covered.


Review: The MOS Spring Lightning cable is the last one you’ll need

Throw away your Apple Lightning cables. You won’t be needing them anymore.

Summer Essentials: Beeline Case for iPhone

Mini golfing or spelunking, the Beeline Case is a safe option for your iPhone.

iRig Mic Studio now available from IK Multimedia

Plug-and-play functionality means iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC and Android.

The PowerShadow battery case brings Spyder style to your iPhone 6

An extra 120% power boost for your iPhone 6.

UAG Folio Case keeps your iPhone 6 safe at speeds when you’re not

Good to know your iPhone 6 can survive and angry chuck out the car window.