iOS 8 update falls short – again – addressing stability and performance

Apple should’ve called iOS 8 “The buggiest iOS release ever,” not the biggest.

Apple iOS 8 adoption rises to 56%

What’s everybody waiting for?

EFF fights to keep iPhone jailbreaking legal

Should people be considered criminals for installing unapproved software on their iPhone?

Pangu tool for Mac can jailbreak iOS 8 devices

If this is your thing, get it done before iOS 8.1.1.


WireLurker Malware portends a new era in OS X and iOS cyber attacks

The first serious compromise of iOS security on non-jailbroken devices.


Apple Pay comes into conflict with CurrentC

MCX’s CurrentC can’t compete with Apple Pay, so they’re boycotting the games, more or less.

iOS 8 now running on 52% of iDevices

It’s been a bumpy ride for iOS 8.

iOS 8.1 adds support for Apple Pay and fixes bugs

Is everyone brave enough to grab it right away?


Report: slow iOS 8 adoption due to storage requirement

It’s not that people don’t want it, it’s that they have no room to install it.

iOS 8 growth remains stagnant, rises to 47%

Two weeks ago, it was at 46%.


iOS 8 and the downside of mandatory backwards compatibility

With iOS 8.0.2, it may not be as bad as we feared.

Apple testing significant iOS updates; iOS 8.2, 8.3 spotted

Apple released  earlier this month for existing devices, along with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus which feature the new operating system out of the box. Apple is usually working on the future updates ahead of the launch of the OS, but it seems this year may be a little different when it comes to more »