Sluggish iOS 8 uptake likely attributable to a constellation of factors

It’s not because people don’t want it.

iOS 8 adoption crosses 20% in 24 hours

20%? Are the other 80% of you in some kind of trouble?

iOS 8 release confirmed for September 17th

You’ll get two days to determine if you’re old phone can handle it.

Apple CEO Tim Cook receives praise for iOS vision

In a note to investors, analyst Steven Milunovich praised Apple CEO Tim Cook for thinking “big”—something that bodes well for Apple’s future. He referenced comments the CEO made during Apple’s most recent earnings call, in which he stated the company has “a very large vision of what iOS can be.”

Google Wallet app will let users redeem gift cards

Google has launched an update to the Google Wallet app for Apple’s iOS devices, promising it will be easier to navigate and brings exciting new features such as support for gift cards, the ability to send money to friends or family, and providing easier money transactions.

Apple unveils iTunes Pass for iPhone and iPod touch

Apple has launched iTunes Pass, which allows iPhone and iPod touch users to add funds directly into their iTunes account more easily than buying a physical iTunes gift card from a local retail store. Instead, customers can head out to any brick-and-mortar Apple retail store and—with their iOS device and the Passbook app—create a digital gift card in the amount of their choosing.

iOS 7 is now running on 90% of Apple iDevices

Apple has updated its developers page, shedding more light on the adoption of its iOS 7 operating system released last fall. According to the latest numbers, iOS 7 is running on 90% of compatible iOS devices less than a year after its release, which is impressive.

Video shows iWatch concept running iOS 8

SET Solution, a Milan-based consultancy company, created a video that features iWatch and iOS 8 concepts in action with a number of key specifications that may or may not be possible for Apple to include. As of press time, the YouTube video has nearly 70,000 views, having just been uploaded on July 2nd.

Pangu untethered jailbreak supports iOS 7.1.2

Have you updated your firmware already? If you’re having second thoughts and would like to try the Pangu untethered jailbreak solution that was released last week, it’s your lucky day; the developers have already rolled out an updated version, compatible with the latest iOS 7.1.2.

Apple creating speech recognition team to advance Siri

Since relying on Nuance in the event of an acquisition by Samsung might not be a great idea, Apple will reportedly form its own speech recognition team that will work on the technology behind Siri. Just like with Google Now on Android devices, Siri is expected to play a major role in future versions of iOS, and Apple needs a good team if that is to happen.

iOS 7.1.2 rolls out with bug fixes for iBeacon, Mail and more

Apple has released the iOS 7.1.2 update over-the-air for iOS devices that addresses several problems in the previous version. The new update is sized at almost 23MB, and fixes a bug that pops up occasionally when using third-party accessories such as barcode scanners, etc.

Rumor: iOS 8 beta 3 not coming out until July 8th

Back at the Worldwide Developer Conference earlier this month, Apple unveiled the iOS 8 operating system with several new features and enhancements. According to a new report from BGR Apple won’t release the third beta of iOS 8 to developers before July 8th, making it a break of three weeks between the launch of beta 2 and 3.