iPoe 3 would like you to try a rare vintage of Amontillado

Piece of advice…don’t drink too much before you get to the cellar.

iPhone 6 Plus case review: LAUT Apex Folio

Despite its problems, the Laut Apex’s durability and sleekness charmed me eventually.

Magic 8 Ball controls the future of iPhone and Apple Watch

Although important, the original Magic 8 Ball just wasn’t very portable.

iPhone 6 case review: Inner Exile Odyssey Voyage aluminum

A wonderful no-tool latch mechanism makes this one of the more convenient aluminum cases I’ve used yet.

Review: System Monitor utility app for iOS

All-in-one utility for monitoring your iPhone or iPad’s health.


COPD Navigator iOS app for chronic-condition patients pilot program launched

Enables better, more timely management of COPD symptoms.

Hearthstone is our favorite free app of the week

Of course it had to be HearthStone, but we have a couple honorable mentions, as well.

Gameloft’s Battle Odyssey releases next week [gallery]

Will Blizzard’s Hearthstone hurt its launch momentum?

Square Enix asks mobile gamers to become Masters of the Masks

Turn-based drag and drop? It’s Square Enix, so we must take it seriously.

Sennheiser and Apogee team for digital clip-on mics for iOS devices

We’ve come a long way from Mr. Microphone.

The WWE 2K mobile match is now underway

We’re not even gonna make it to the pay per view! This fight’s gonna happen right now on your iPhone!

First look at the VOX Player for iPhone

High def music has come to the iPhone, and it’s being served up by VOX Player.