Review: Ventev Chargedock 2000 portable battery charger

A handy, somewhat flawed charger/dock for when you’re on the go.

Review: Sennheiser Urbanite on-ear headphones

A sonic fashion statement.


h.h.gregg Black Friday deals intend to bust a few doors

The Black Friday deals continue to roll out early this year, and h.h.gregg has never been one to be out-Black-Fridayed. As such, they’ve announced their Black Friday deals, and there are some sales to be found if you’re seeking Apple products and third-party accessories.


Monster’s iSport Freedom Bluetooth headphones help you cut the cord while working out

Monster is expanding their iSport line of headphones with the iSport Freedom. These are Monster’s first-ever on-ear wireless sport headphones. That’s right, they’re Bluetooth headphones powered by Pure Monster Sound. They can handle everything from playing your music with extreme clarity, tight articulation, and deep pounding bass to taking phone calls, and they’re durable and water-resistant enough to keep up with you through your workouts.

iLuv Aud 5 Lightning speaker dock review

There aren’t many devices on the market that offer a built in Lightning connector for Apple’s latest lineup of products. Fortunately, the people at iLuv Creative Technology have delivered on an audio solution for your iPhone 5 (and any other electronic device, really): the Aud 5. This hi-fi speaker and Lightning dock has a modern design that not only looks good, but sounds good too.

The Jackery Air is the “world’s thinnest portable charger”

If your problem with carrying around a portable charger for your iPhone, iPad and other gadgets has been the bulk that comes with them—or that they just weren’t orange enough—the Jackery Air may be worth a look. From the engineers at Jackery, the Jackery Air utilizes a custom manufacturing process to create a powerful battery with a sleek aluminum case and industry-leading dimensions.

HiRise would like to hold your iPhone 5 or iPad mini for you

If you’re looking for a stand for your iPhone 5 or iPad mini, Twelve South has quite a nice looking option for you to consider. It’s called HiRise, and it’s a beautiful metal pedestal designed to work with an Apple Lightning Cable. Thanks to the unique design, it works with basically any case you have on your device as well. That same design stays out of the way of the speakers and makes it easy to connect headphones too. Plus, it’s only $34.99.

iHome iDL45 FM alarm clock radio with Lightning dock review

You knew it was just a matter of time before iHome was able to roll out its Lightning compatible accessories, and the first round is now available. To get us started, they provided AppleTell with a review unit of the iDL45, which brings FM clock radio functionality to your Lightning compatible Apple iDevice, keeping it charged all the while.

Ferrari by Logic3 R100i headphones review

Ferrari by Logic3 lets you experience a sonic rush while displaying your Ferrari brand spirit. The R100i is the top-of-the line in-ear headphone in the Scuderia Ferrari collection (which is inspired by the racing team), and these headphones deliver a sonic punch that rivals the adrenaline rush of flooring one of Ferrari’s race cars.

I-MEGO Walker Junior noise-canceling headphones review

As a frequent flyer and daily commuter, I’m the perfect candidate for noise-canceling headphones. So, you can imagine my joy when the I-MEGO Walker Junior noise canceling found their way to my cubicle. I have to admit, I’ve felt left out around my office since all my coworkers sport cool headphones, but I think with these bad boys decorating my ears I’ll be inducted into the cool headphones club.

BOOM Movement Spooners headphones review

Want to take your tunes outside with you, but don’t feel like sharing? While BOOM’s excellent Urchin speaker provides water- and shock-resistant music for groups, their Spooners headphones let you keep the party solo while still shaking off dust, water, and a pretty bruising amount of abuse.


Apple’s iPod sales continue to fall flat; what’s next for the popular music player?

On Monday, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster reported on Mac and iPod sales and noted that Apple’s iPod sales have slipped 23% in the last quarter and represent only 2% of Apple’s revenue. This means the iPod is no longer what consumers want, and that it may not necessarily be around for many more years. It is no wonder that Apple never bothered to update the iPod Classic line after they added the larger 160 GB model storage option.

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