Become a powerful mage in Warhammer: Arcane Magic for iOS

Assume the roles of famous wizards from the Warhammer world.

Periscope is our favorite free app of the week

Honorable mentions: Final Fantasy Record Keeper and Layout from Instagram.

Fast & Furious: Legacy now available for iOS and Android

Just a week before Furious 7 hits theaters and becomes instant Oscar-bait.

Facebook Messenger API opened; Hook’d available on launch

New open platform looks to raise Facebook Messenger potential in a big way.

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper now for the keeping

Many characters, many battles, many in-app purchases.

2K Mobile Spring Sale for iOS, Android games

Some aliens, some big daddies, a little revolution, and that good old hockey game.

Innospark points us towards Hero Sky for iOS, Android

Lead armies of divine heroes against the forces of evil (or other players).

Review: Playworld Superheroes for iOS

An iOS game that’ll inspire kids to put down their devices and go outside and play.

South Park Pinball is 50% off on iOS this week

South Park Pinball tables are 50% off, mkay?

Rock On – A SongPop Adventure tours iOS starting April 2nd

Ascend to rock god of trivia fame. Or god of rock trivia fame. One of the two.

Mabinogi Duel coming soon to iOS and Android

Your chance to check out Nexon Korea’s work while waiting for Final Fantasy XI.

Improve your workouts with Blast Athletic Performance

Accurate and consistent motion-capture technology for action sports.