Apple going after free Spotify streaming before Beats relaunch

The DOJ has taken an interest in the ways Apple has been using its muscle.


When Apple support is woefully (but hilariously) unhelpful

It started with me wanting to activate a $15 iTunes gift card. It ended with a lesson in safe sex.

New Apple streaming music service could focus on exclusives

Jimmy Iovine, is reportedly leading the push for exclusive album deals.

Apple loses big money with the App Store down

Apple’s App Store and iTunes store were been down for most of the day.

Apple may not have free music service tier

Those who don’t want to pay will still have iTunes Radio.

iTunes Store reverses changes, still welcomes indie labels

Oh boy…Taylor Swift will NOT be happy.

Toronto’s Pearson Airport offers free music and book downloads

It only works when you’re actually there, but the gifts are yours to keep.

AOL logins for iTunes gone in March

In related news, AOL apparently still has users?

Apple rolls out Pay Once and Play category in the App Store

Likely free of fart apps and fashion games, so have at it!

iTunes update released by Apple

Performance and feature upgrades, the most notable of which is a Notification Center widget.

New free music promotion available on iTunes

The “Single of the Week” is now “Free On iTunes,” and it includes TV.

Jimmy Iovine may be talking with artists about exclusive iTunes albums

We have a feeling he has yet to ring up the Ting Tings.