iTunes update released by Apple

Performance and feature upgrades, the most notable of which is a Notification Center widget.

New free music promotion available on iTunes

The “Single of the Week” is now “Free On iTunes,” and it includes TV.

Jimmy Iovine may be talking with artists about exclusive iTunes albums

We have a feeling he has yet to ring up the Ting Tings.

“The Interview” launches on iTunes

And good, because Lizzy Caplan deserves the exposure.

12 Days of Gifts not offered after six years on iTunes

12 days of be happy with what you already have.

iTunes Tumblr page launched by Apple

Let’s cut this short before arriving on Tinder, okay Apple?

Steve Jobs’ deposition says DRM strategy wasn’t anti-competitive

Companies affected by the iTunes updates were “collateral damage.”


How to give iTunes gifts on a Mac or Windows PC

Pretty easy to do, once you know where to look.

How to “gift” apps or send iTunes gift cards from your iPhone or iPad

Forget the trip to the grocery store, just send that gift digitally.

iTunes 12.0.1 update released with Yosemite support

Designed for OS X Yosemite, but compatible with Mavericks.

How to remove U2 music from your iPhone…and brain

Some would probably call you ungrateful babies. Because, well, you are.

iCloud now has two-step verification for extra security

You now have no one to blame but yourselves, Hollywood.