Hacker creates unofficial solution for wireless iPhone battery charging

The process of making your iPhone charge wirelessly won’t be a simple task for the everyday smartphone user. The hacker disassembled a wireless charging case (Powermat) and installed its components into the iPhone 4S chassis. Tanveer explains that users will need a basic understanding of the Apple iPhone’s internals components, Powermat wireless charger, a spare iPhone back panel, a spare charger port assembly, and extra thin wire gauge.

Apple TV hacked to play nicely with iOS apps

The same developers who participated in the creation of the Siri port for many jailbroken iOS devices have created an interesting new hack for Apple TV. The hack, which is in its early stages, will allow Apple TV users to run potentially any iOS app on the $99 set-top-box. According to the developer, Steve Troughton more »

A super sized Atari 2600 joystick

According to a report from The Guardian, it seems like O2 will now be the exclusive mobile carrier of Apple’s iPhone in the UK. Unfortunately, the carrier had to offer as much as 40% of its sales revenue to the Cupertino-based electronics giant. The margin will be confirmed tomorrow, but another competitor has already described more »