How Apple has changed my factors in buying a new car

It’s more than just iPhone compatibility. I’ve come to expect from my cars what I expect from my Macs.

Tristan Nunez and Cooper Tire launch distracted driving awareness campaign

It’s pretty sad when the race car driver feels safer on the track than on the highway.


It’s not just curmudgeons like me who aren’t buying the Apple Watch

I still have my doubts about the Apple Watch ever being more than a modest success.


When Apple support is woefully (but hilariously) unhelpful

It started with me wanting to activate a $15 iTunes gift card. It ended with a lesson in safe sex.

iPad Air 2 proves rugged, but battery life disappoints

The iPad Air 2 proves damage-resistant, but struggles to deliver promised battery runtime.


iOS 8 bugs continue – iPads stuck in grayscale mode

A new acronym has been coined: “iOS H8.” Anyway, here’s the fix.


Teen distracted driving and auto crashes worse than expected

Distracted driving has overtaken alcohol or drug impairment as the leading cause of traffic accidents.


Microsoft outflanks Apple with $500 fully Windows capable Surface 3 tablet PC

The Surface 3 could win the hearts and minds of those awaiting the elusive iPad Pro.

Satellite Internet proves reliable through brutal winter

The speed and latency issues could use some work, but those are being addressed.


So, did anyone miss Macworld/iWorld?

I went right past it without even a thought, and I think that says something.


Will cars driven by humans eventually be outlawed?

Tesla’s Elon Musk thinks so. “You can’t have a person driving a two-ton death machine.”

5 Nintendo franchises that are perfect for iOS

Kirby? WarioWare? Fire Emblem on iOS! Dare we hope to dream?