To stand out, the Apple Watch needs to stick to the basics

Ask not what the Apple watch will do, ask what it will do for you.


Why practical driverless cars are decades away – perhaps never

“Ignorant troglodyte?” Stuck in 1995? We’ll take those over being woefully, almost touchingly over-optimisitc.

Twenty Five Years of Photoshop, a reflection

It’s time to sit back and appreciate what Photoshop is (and has been) over the years.


Apple Car or not, driverless cars are an ethical dead end

Sharing the road with a bunch of mindless automatons does not enchant me in the slightest.


Does the iPad’s identity crisis spell its doom?

We know what the iPad is good for, but does it need to be good for more?


Finally time for a Yosemite upgrade? Not yet for me

Upgrading from a stable Mavericks installation to iffy Yosemite still seems like a dice-roll at best.

Continued iPad sales slump no cause for panic

Fix a few productivity shortcomings and all will be well.


Apple should buy BlackBerry, and not just to keep it out of Samsung’s clutches

An iOS BlackBerry? Perhaps down the road.


Harsher distracted driving regulations and penalties needed in 2015

Touchscreen system control input without analog physical controls should be outlawed.

Technology Tell Apple Channel’s Best Mac Game of 2014: Hearthstone

A freemium game gets game of the year? How is that possible?!


Technology Tell’s Apple product predictions for 2015

Apple Watch? Apple TV? iPad Pro? A new iPhone naming scheme?


Steve Wozniak expects Apple Watch and Google Glass to flop

Wozniak: No one, “… has yet figured out a compelling reason for [smartwatches] to exist.”