Yosemite killed my iMac (or, the catharsis of data loss)

Honestly, I kind of wish this had happened sooner.

Apple iLife update includes OS X Yosemite support

The downloads total over 3GB, so set aside some time.

iTunes 12.0.1 update released with Yosemite support

Designed for OS X Yosemite, but compatible with Mavericks.


OS X Yosemite available today for free

Better get queued up, it’s going to be a busy download kind of day.

Parallels Desktop 10 comes with Yosemite integration

Parallels continues to make Windows more useful than Windows actually is.

Apple releases OS X v10.9.5 beta to developers

Apple released OS X 10.9.4 to the public about a month ago, and has since been working on their next beta of OS X Mavericks. That was released to developers yesterday, when the company began to seed the OS X v10.9.5 beta (with built number 13F7) through the Mac Dev Center. Apple has asked OS X developers to focus on different aspects of the operating system, including graphics, Safari, USB, and USB smart cards.


Hands-on with the OS X Yosemite beta, 24 hours in

Yosemite represents the most drastic Mac OS interface shift since the original OS X Aqua interface with its pinstripes and lickable buttons. I guess it’s appropriate that this version be opened up for beta testing just like its predecessor. Here are my impressions from my first day using the new OS X.

OS X Yosemite goes into beta testing today

There’s still time to register for Apple’s OS X Beta Program before the OS X Yosemite beta test begins today at 11 a.m. Pacific. Act quickly since only the first million who sign up can participate. All you need is an Apple ID, a Mac running OS X Mavericks, and if you’re lucky you’ll be given a redemption code to download the beta from the Mac App Store.

Is the Mac really invading the enterprise sector?

A survey indicates the iPad holds 90-plus percent of the enterprise tablet market, but others contend it’s not just the iOS making inroads in corporate IT these days. Should Microsoft be worried?


Apple releases OS X Mavericks 10.9.4

Apple has pushed out the OS X 10.9.4 update for all Mac users, bringing a couple of enhancements to the Mac’s security, compatibility, and stability. The update fixes a couple of bugs that should improve Wi-Fi connectivity and address the wake-from-sleep issue, and also comes with at update to the Safari browser, bringing it to v7.0.5.

Retina iMac reference found in OS X Yosemite

There is now an overwhelming number of reports and rumors surrounding the much needed and desired iMac update, and it seems more likely the next iMac with come with a Retina display. Included in the OS X Yosemite beta is a file that details resolution scaling for the operating system, and included in that file are references to an iMac in conjunction with the Retina display resolution.

WWDC 2014: Apple announces OS X Yosemite

“Of course, we’re always feature focused,” is how Tim Cook led into the updates OS X will be getting in its next release. What features? Here’s a quick rundown of the fantastic new updates we’ll be getting in OS X Yosemite, including updates to Mail, Safari, and Notification Center, as well as the newly announced iCloud Drive and Continuity.