Apple lawsuit wrap-up for February 2015

Storage space, employees, 30-pin adapters, and your parents’ music all lead to trouble for Apple.

The Best Free Apps for March 6, 2015

Minimalistic fun, awesome to 11, and faster email. It’s all free.

Interview: Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software

“One of my key bits of advice for any young creative person, no matter what the medium, is to be a constant reader.”

The Best Free Apps for February 27, 2015

YouTube Kids, wizards for hire, and a programmable, candy-like button.


Why practical driverless cars are decades away – perhaps never

“Ignorant troglodyte?” Stuck in 1995? We’ll take those over being woefully, almost touchingly over-optimisitc.

The Best Free Apps for February 20, 2015

Free apps are better when they’re normally $10. Get Frozen Synapse before the developers come to their senses.


Apple Car or not, driverless cars are an ethical dead end

Sharing the road with a bunch of mindless automatons does not enchant me in the slightest.

The Best Free Apps for February 13, 2015

SNL, Mass Effect, and King of Thieves highlight this week’s best free apps. Party on.


Does the iPad’s identity crisis spell its doom?

We know what the iPad is good for, but does it need to be good for more?

The Best Free Apps for February 6, 2015

Alex Seropian brought Mac gamers Marathon, and now he brings iOS gamers Midnight Star.

Apple lawsuit wrap-up for January 2015

Only a month into 2015, and already the patent trolls are at work.


Finally time for a Yosemite upgrade? Not yet for me

Upgrading from a stable Mavericks installation to iffy Yosemite still seems like a dice-roll at best.