Interview: Jane Jensen reflects on Gabriel Knight, adventure games

Her games hold up very well after 20 years.


Microsoft launches MacBook to Surface Pro 3 Switcher site

Please, ignore the warning signs on the door.


When will Apple merge OS X and iOS?

With merging OS X and iOS, it’s a matter of “when,” not “if.”

The Best Free Apps for December 19, 2014

SimCity gets a new experience, Fruit Ninja gets an update, and more.

The Best Free Apps for December 12, 2014

Marvel heroes and villains, pirates, and mystical Peggle Masters.

Former photography giant Kodak restructures in hope of driving growth

Digital film is great, but there was a magic about shooting on film that digital just can’t match.

Brooklyn startup Tinybop releases Homes app, continues rapid growth

Tinybop has quickly become one of Apple’s darlings.


iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite issues; don’t shoot the messengers

Perhaps one-year intervals are not long enough between substantial OS upgrades.

Apple lawsuit wrap-up for November 2014

Apple Pay users unite! Down with CVS! Down with Rite Aid!

Cyber Monday 2014 iPhone, iPad accessory and app deals

There’s an iOS battery pack in here for only a penny. I kid you not.

The Best Free Apps for November 28, 2014

I am Groot, and I am free…for a little while.


Classic Beatles albums, iconic Apple designs

Superfi offers up a new kind of Beatles “cover.”