The Best Free Apps for October 10, 2014

Words With(out) Friends, Highway(s) with Zombies, and Daddy(s) with Long Legs.

What to expect from the October 16th Apple media event

A little something for everyone.

The Best Free Apps for October 3, 2014

Pokémon TCG Online, Adventure Xpress and Weather Underground are your highlights.

I’ve been waiting for a gold iPad

Dare I get my hopes up again?

Apple lawsuit wrap-up for September 2013

In which Apple shareholders launch the most ironic lawsuit ever.


Making the switch to satellite Internet – four months on

Reliable, except when it’s raining, and latency lag is an inherent drawback.


iOS 8 and the downside of mandatory backwards compatibility

With iOS 8.0.2, it may not be as bad as we feared.

“Bendgate” nonsense blown way out of proportion

As Seeking Alpha’s Mark Hibben laments, there’s “no defense from stupid consumers.”


The Best Free Apps for September 26, 2014

Racing games with licensed cars and racing games with zombies. You decide what’s important.


Blackberry Passport offers real innovation for productivity oriented phablet users

Blackberry deserves credit for daring to be different and doing so with distinctive substance.

iOS 8 is an upgrade too far for A5 SoC device users

If you have an A5 powered iDevice, think twice before upgrading to iOS 8.

Interview: Wadjet Eye Games discusses game development and ports

“Don’t do episodic!”