Apple Car or not, driverless cars are an ethical dead end

Sharing the road with a bunch of mindless automatons does not enchant me in the slightest.

The Best Free Apps for February 13, 2015

SNL, Mass Effect, and King of Thieves highlight this week’s best free apps. Party on.


Does the iPad’s identity crisis spell its doom?

We know what the iPad is good for, but does it need to be good for more?

The Best Free Apps for February 6, 2015

Alex Seropian brought Mac gamers Marathon, and now he brings iOS gamers Midnight Star.

Apple lawsuit wrap-up for January 2015

Only a month into 2015, and already the patent trolls are at work.


Finally time for a Yosemite upgrade? Not yet for me

Upgrading from a stable Mavericks installation to iffy Yosemite still seems like a dice-roll at best.

The Best Free Apps for January 30, 2015

Defend the universe, then get started on your taxes.

Continued iPad sales slump no cause for panic

Fix a few productivity shortcomings and all will be well.

The Best Free Apps for January 23, 2015

A little bit of everything this week, including Minecraft Reality.

The history that inspired the ParcSlope MacBook Stand name

Know the history behind the stand that supports your MacBook.


CURVED/labs Mac desktop concept evokes original classic Macintosh

It’s fun to look at, but I’m doubtful I would enjoy actually using it.


Apple should buy BlackBerry, and not just to keep it out of Samsung’s clutches

An iOS BlackBerry? Perhaps down the road.