Lastronaut is our favorite free app of the week

Have you really had enough of endless runners? And don’t you want to race Duke Nukem?

The 10 best dystopian games in the App Store

The definitive list of dystopian games for your iOS devices.

Is the CHIP nine-dollar computer an IT game-changer?

Computers are too expensive.


Confessions of an OS X “Mac laggard”

Although, Windows teaches us that laggardness is relative.

AmpliTube is our favorite free app of the week

You’d better act fast this week because AmpliTube is not going to be free forever.

SelfieX highlights our favorite free apps this week

If you’re inclined to take selfies, they may as well be good.

Tristan Nunez and Cooper Tire launch distracted driving awareness campaign

It’s pretty sad when the race car driver feels safer on the track than on the highway.

Apple lawsuit wrap-up for April 2015

Art that can’t be named, Rob Gronkowski porn, and car wrecks that haven’t even happened yet.


It’s not just curmudgeons like me who aren’t buying the Apple Watch

I still have my doubts about the Apple Watch ever being more than a modest success.

Marvel Future Fight is our favorite free app of the week

Collect and assemble your own team of heroes to fight in the epic battle that will decide the fact of all realities.


iSkelter launches LIFT PRO motorized sit/stand desk

iSkelter’s Lift Pro gives you a sit/stand desk that’s as beautiful as it is ergonomically correct.

A new Terra Battle strategy after 200 consecutive days

I’m all about that boost, ’bout that boost.