Former photography giant Kodak restructures in hope of driving growth

Digital film is great, but there was a magic about shooting on film that digital just can’t match.

Aliens, cows and Richard Sherman – our complete E3 2014 photo gallery

Although we’re here at E3 to tell you about the iOS and Mac games coming your way, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun playing around in booths unrelated to our mission, right? The show floor is a cacophony of sites and sounds that are constantly fighting for your attention, and here’s our ongoing E3 2014 photo gallery of some of the booths that won that fight.

The 10 most insane Bluetooth speaker designs at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair

I’ve come across some absolutely marvelous Bluetooth speaker systems this week, both in design and functionality. Passing by the booths and sampling the audio, I’ve heard so much Asian pop music that old-school Avril Lavigne was actually a nice respite at one point. But I kept at it, because I never knew when another speaker set designed to look like a crimson aquatic mammal balancing a beach ball on its head was waiting at the end of the aisle.

Adobe adds Lightroom Mobile to its Photoshop family

Okay, you’ve just loaded a day’s worth of images into Lightroom, and now, somewhat tired, you want to sit back on the couch or up in bed and go through your images. You need to play Keep & Toss, and perhaps try some presets on those images, as well as try some individual adjustments. Starting today, you can load the collection into your iPad and do the same ratings, same presets, and same adjustments you’d normally do on your computer.

Gorgeous Apple iWatch concept design

Feast your eyes on the latest Apple iWatch concept design, this time created by the team at, a designer group that’s been churning out excellent mockups of Apple gadgets from the past. The press has dubbed this mythical gadget the iWatch, and fanboys and girls alike are excited about it.


Appletell’s iPhone 5 unboxing [gallery]

Those who got their iPhone 5 pre-orders in on time are receiving the goods right about now, myself included. The kindly UPS man delivered it about half an hour ago (“New phone, eh? We’re delivering a lot of these today.”) and have I used it yet? No! I’ve taken pictures of it to share with all of you.


Macworld | iWorld 2012: iPhone 4/4S case roundup

It’s now been nearly two weeks since the Macworld | iWorld 2012 kicked off in San Francisco, and the shift from the Mac to Apple’s iDevices appears to have been a success. Truth be known, the show was headed that way before IDG embraced it with the name change, as evidenced by the growing number of iPhone case developers occupying booths on the show floor. This year was no exception, as there were numerous companies with snazzy new cases to show off. So, what do you say? Shall we take a look, then?


Macworld 2011: Booth babes!

Not only was Macworld full of Apple fanboys, awesome products, and media this year, it also had a fair share of booth babes. In many cases, these people were paid to simply stand around a booth or walk around the show floor in interesting or skimpy clothing to attract presence to a brand. Regardless of their purpose, we’re glad they exist.

CES 2011: Monster Press Conference Highlights

Today, Monster had their Press Conference to announce new partnerships and products.  here were the predictable headphone and cable announcements, and the unexpected car care products. Seriously. Let me tell you about the Apple related announcements. Monster admittedly doesn’t think you need another iPhone speaker dock, but they just couldn’t resist themselves when the opportunity to expand their Tron line presented itself. The Tron iPod Sound Dock is inspired by the Identity Disk. There are almost 200 LED embedded around the disk that are controlled by Monster’s first iOS app.


Appletell unboxing and first impressions: 11.6″ MacBook Air

After much deliberation, reading various reviews and watching the Apple promo video several times, I finally succumbed to the temptation and bought the new 11.6-inch MacBook Air. If you want to experience mobility, pleasure, fun, and the funkiness of using a solid machine that will let you perform your daily mobile computing needs, head over to the nearest Apple Store and grab one of these Apple babies.

iPad: First Impressions (and photos)

I wasn’t even out of my pajamas this morning when the UPS fellow dropped off my iPad this morning. I don’t think the nearest Apple store is even open yet. Obviously, over the next couple of hours I’ll putting together my initial thoughts on the device. But I’m currently downloading the necessary software updates, and thought you all might like to see this baby in the meantime.

Macworld 2010 photo gallery [updated with booth babe]

If there’s one thing we’ve taken away thus far from our trip out to Macworld 2010 in San Francisco, it’s that the show has been a success. We’ll have a roundup article later this weekend with details on that, but in the meantime, we wanted to let everyone back home have a chance to see what’s going on in Moscone this year on the show floor, at the media events, and around the city (now complete with booth babe).