AppleTell All Night looks ahead to WWDC and E3 2014

With Apple’s WWDC happening this week in San Francisco and the gaming world’s E3 rolling out in Los Angeles next week, there’s plenty for Apple users to look forward to. Here at AppleTell we managed to turn out a quick AppleTell All Night podcast before the news starts rolling in, focusing on what we expect and what we hope to see at each event.

AppleTell All Night speaks with Robby Takac about J-Rock and iTunes

This April, the indie rock label Good Charamel Records released albums by three outstanding Japanese rock bands: Shonen Knife, Molice, and Pinky Doodle Poodle. That’s a big month, and it prompted me to get into contact with Good Charamel owner and founder Robby Takac to discuss how he ended up working with so many J-Rock acts, what it takes to promote them in the U.S., and how Apple and iTunes has helped (or possibly hurt) the process.

AppleTell All Night looks ahead to Apple’s September 10th iPhone event

The tech world will be focused on Cupertino tomorrow morning, but the evening is still young, and AppleTell All Night is here to carry you through to dawn. In this episode of the AppleTell All Night podcast, AppleTell associate editor Aaron Kraus joins us to sort through the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C rumors, and offers his thoughts on what we can expect from Apple tomorrow and the weeks to come.

AppleTell All Night speaks with Al Lowe, creator of Leisure Suit Larry

Al Lowe’s most famous character—Larry Laffer—has been given new life through Replay Games’ Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded for Mac, PC, iPad and Android tablet devices. Considering how (sadly) important Larry was to my formative years, I took this opportunity to speak with Al about how the remake came about, the role Kickstarter played in its production, and what character from TVs The Office ended up with a surprise role.

AppleTell All Night speaks with musician/director Thomas Dolby

AppleTell All Night is pleased to share with you our recent conversation with Thomas Dolby. His latest project is the film The Invisible Lighthouse. Written by, starring and directed by Dolby, The Invisible Lighthouse was shot with technology available to all of us, and won two awards at the DIY Film Festival in Los Angeles earlier this year. That’s where our conversation begins.