Opinion: Apple is wrong to remove the Confederate flag from the App Store

A misuse of the immense power Apple has over what apps can be used on its devices.

Trying on the Apple Watch Edition in Hong Kong

It’s a beautifully crafted luxury item that I’ll never own.

Apple’s Android Trade-In Program not up to par

Trading in your Android device for an iPhone is a great idea. Doing it through Apple? Not so much.

Apple will have in-store launch day pickups for Apple Watch

Of course, you can also have it shipped directly to you.


Apple Watch shops opening in London, Paris, Tokyo

I see London, I see France, I see someone’s fitness band.

Shoppers get more try-on time with Apple Watch Edition

$10,000 is apparently worth about 15 minutes of Apple’s time.

iPhone trade-ins expanding to China next week

The program is already available in markets such as the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and Australia.

Apple mini-store appears in a B&H Photo

B&H is already an Apple authorized retailer carrying its iPads and Macs.

Apple created an Apple Watch charging bracelet for retail stores

The company is not terribly fond of clutter, after all.

Apple Watch shop to open in luxury Tokyo store

It’s either that or a new Orange Julius.

Apple could start accepting Android trade-ins

Is this somehow implying that Android devices have resale value?

Apple Watch advertising shows up in stores

Apple is putting a lot into Apple Watch marketing.