Galactic Nemesis for iOS review

In the grand tradition, it’s you against a horde of aliens. Start shooting.

Shooter Suite review part 2: Bulletproof 1.2

While there’s a slight learning curve with Bulletproof, you’ll quickly get a grasp of its possibilities.

Shooter Suite review part 1: PluralEyes 3.5

If recording with multiple cameras simultaneously is part of your work, PluralEyes is the tool you need.

MOS Kick smartphone stand review

Take a better photo, open a better beer.


Moshi iVisor Glass iPhone 6 screen protector review

Easy to install, comfortable to use, fully protected.

Review: WWE 2K for iOS

Like the Divas, WWE 2K for iOS is pretty to look at, but don’t expect quality wrestling.

iPhone 6 case review: Inner Exile Glacier

Unique button protection and a self-healing coating aren’t quite enough for a full recommendation.

Review: Adobe Camera Raw 9 is new and full of features

This is a groundbreaking update for Adobe Camera Raw that includes HDR and Panographic creation capabilities.


iPhone 6 Plus case review: LAUT K-Folio

A serviceable foilio-style case that stands out visually.


Review: Adobe Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6

Face recognition, HDR and panoramic images, and a whole lot more (videos in Slideshows, anyone?).

iPhone 6 Plus case review: LAUT Apex Folio

Despite its problems, the Laut Apex’s durability and sleekness charmed me eventually.

iPhone 6 case review: Inner Exile Odyssey Voyage aluminum

A wonderful no-tool latch mechanism makes this one of the more convenient aluminum cases I’ve used yet.