Review: SteelSeries Stratus wireless game controller for iOS

I’ve long been envious of our Android cousins and their ability to use third-party gamepads to play tablet games, which is why I was thrilled to see Apple finally roll that ability into iOS 7. I’m equally thrilled to report that the first controller I’ve tried, the SteelSeries Stratus, is pretty much everything you’d want in a wireless game controller…except for maybe girth.

Review: Bolt external battery and charger

Bolt replaces your iPhone charger and augments it with a built-in battery in one convenient package, making it easy to carry additional juice for your devices.


Review: Password Only app for managing your passwords

Password Only provides a secure way to store all of the account information, passwords, and electronic IDs we use in our digital lives. The bonus is that it also provides a way to pass the information on to a trusted person if the need arises.

iPevo PadPillow Lite iPad stand review

The PadPillow Lite is similar in design and function to the original PadPillow, but downsized to a degree that makes it reasonably easy to stow in a computer backpack or messenger bag. Nevertheless, iPevo maintains the Lite model still works fine supporting older generation full-sized iPads, a point I wanted to check out in this review with my iPad 2. I’ve found that it does.

Review: Spec Ops: The Line dares you to cross it

Spec Ops: The Line is a Mac game that puts you in the boots of Walker, a Delta team leader on a mission to do some recon. Unfortunately for you the mission gets complicated quickly and you set off on a secondary mission to make contact with and rescue Colonel Konrad. And that’s where things go a bit pear shaped.

diffr3nt sleeve for MacBook Pro review

Once you open the shiny plastic shipping sleeve for the diffr3nt sleeve for MacBook, you have a not quite as shiny canvas sleeve. The outer shell is made of a fine weave canvas—a little texture but not too rough. The inside is a soft lining of sueded material so you don’t have to worry about any scuffs or scratches marring the finish of your device.

Rapoo T120P wireless mouse review

Rapoo makes several models of wireless mice, but today it’s all about the T120P. This particular model uses a USB receiver to accommodate the 5G wireless transmission. This keeps the mouse from the 2.4G wireless range to keep Bluetooth interference to a minimum. This uses one of USB ports, but a docking station or USB hub can fix that problem fairly quickly.

Review: Neptor NP065K dual port battery charger

Speedy, portable charging in a handy package. The Neptor NP065K dual port battery charger hardware is solid and almost foolproof. With a price of $49.99, it’s an investment, but if you need portable power this is a good option.


Review: Flash Magicstick charges your phone, lights up your life

It’s not a bizarre thought, when you consider it. Those situations when you most need battery backup for your iPhone, iPad or other mobile device could very well be when you need a flashlight, too; power goes out, car breaks down, lost on a hike, that kind of thing. And it’s that combination of power and illumination that makes the Powerocks Flash Magicstick such a useful device.

Review: Satechi 4-port USB 3.0 Premium Aluminum Hub

The Satechi 4-port USB 3.0 Premium Aluminum Hub is housed molded aluminum with a rubberized pad on the bottom to keep the sliding to a minimum. You get a USB connector to plug into your computer, a 9.5” cord (integrated) to give you some elbow room, and a nice housing with four USB 3.0 ports. Don’t panic yet; the ports will also handle USB 1.1 and 2.0.

Review: Aero Wireless Charging Case and Mat for iPhone 5/5s

Do you often find yourself in need of more power for your iPhone 5/5s? Do you just as often find yourself without the necessary charging cables? uNu offers a handy solution to both problems their Aero Wireless Charging Battery Case and Mat, which allows you to place a mat where you’d need it, and leave the cables at home.

Review: eleMount CNC machined mount for iOS devices

The Kickstarter sensation of 2013, the eleMount is now shipping to supporters. A simple and elegant design to hold any device onto nearly any surface, it can be used to hold an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to be used in a car, displayed on a table, and even used with a standard camera mount. We managed to get one of the early shipments to try it out and see how it holds up to use.