Review: PhotoSweeper duplicate photo cleaner

PhotoSweeper promises spring cleaning for your photo library, and the app does not disappoint. It’s like a personal trainer for your photo library: it can slim down your photo library and speed up your iPhoto/Aperture experience, and it’s got a great interface and powerful functionality to boot.


Review: Hitman Go gives iOS assassins a turn

Hitman Go from Square Enix is a board game for your mobile device (yippee – no pieces to lose). Your goal is to get to your assigned target—whether a mark or an exit point—without being spotted and taken out by the guards. The game is turn-based and plays a bit like chess: plan a move or a series of moves to advance your piece while avoiding capture.

Review: Satechi Flexible LED Desk Lamp

Here’s what I want you to do. Tell your parents, “Hey, it’s never to early to start thinking about back to school.” Tell them you want the Satechi Flexible LED Desk Lamp. “It’ll make it easier to study when [roommate] is trying to sleep, and you want me to study, don’t you?” They’ll buy it for you now, forget about the cost later, then be willing to buy you even more stuff when back to school shopping actually commences.


Review: Godfire: Rise of Prometheus for iOS

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus is a mobile device game which plays and looks more like a full-on console game. It’s basically all fighting, and there is some blood flying around, so it may not be the best option for the really young ones. Your mission is to recover the Spark and give the gift of Godfire to mankind. It won’t be easy; you have plenty of baddies to battle, and they are playing for keeps.

Review: Sennheiser Momentum on-ear headphones

With their Momentum line of on-ear headphones, it seems Sennhesier is looking to create an entire movement, not just a set of quality cans. I think they’re succeeding on both counts. The Momentum on-ear headphones offer excellent audio with a style that’s more about your personal tastes than those of whoever’s logo is on the side.

Review: RCA Ultra-Thin Multi-Directional Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna

Each time Apple adds another channel to Apple TV, I ask my wife if we’re ready to “cut the cord,” as they say, and stick with web delivery for our television entertainment. It’s been a hard sale. So, when we received the RCA Ultra-Thin Multi-Directional Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna for review, I was curious to see just how much closer it could get us to a life free of our ridiculous DirecTV bill.

Review: Change your landscape with Munin for Mac, PC

So there’s the god Odin, right? And he has this messenger, Munin, who also happens to be a raven. But the thing about ravens, apparently, is that if you pluck away their feathers, they become flightless mortal girls. That’s just what what happens to Munin, who will now need to solve environment puzzles in order to return to flight and get back at Loki.

Review: Wake up to the iHome iPL22 Lightning dock clock radio

I believe I’ve reached the point where my main concern with a new iPhone release isn’t getting a new case for it, but checking compatibility with alarm clock docking stations. Of all the accessories I use with my iPhone, an alarm clock dock is the only one that gets use every day. iHome is generally the first place a look, and they’ve recently expanded their product offering to include the iHome iPL22 Lightning dock with FM clock radio.

Review: Opera Mini 8 for iPhone and iPad still isn’t there

When I heard Opera Mini’s interface and feature set would get their most comprehensive and substantial update to date with the release of Opera Mini 8, I was hopeful the issues I’ve found plaguing earlier versions would be fixed. Opera Mini 8 is a substantial improvement over earlier versions, but is not quite there in terms of refinement.

Review: Hippus HandShoe “gripless” ergonomic mouse

The HandShoe ergonomic mouse from Hippus NV is designed to track around your mousepad guided by just the weight of a relaxed hand. Designed over two years of field testing and refinement in close cooperation with two medical universities, the HandShoe Mouse can help minimize stress associated with devices that must be gripped while orienting the mousing hand and arm.


Review: Mac Internet Security X8

Do you need virus protection if you’re running OS X? It’s not a terrible idea. Do you need a firewall if you’re on a Mac? Absolutely. Mac Internet Security X8 from Intego provides both in a flexible package that makes security understandable, friendly, and flexible for mobile users. It keeps you safe without interfering with the work you need to do on the Internet.

Review: Lego The Lord of the Rings for iOS

Lego movie adaptations are their own subgenre at this point, having tackled Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and both Marvel and DC superheroes. With Lego Lord of the Rings for iOS, they put the entirety of Peter Jackson’s adaptation into one game, with the same familiar gameplay but a tone that’s markedly different from other Lego games.