A night out with Hitman: Absolution – Elite Edition for Mac review

We have to acknowledge Feral Interactive for understanding what games we want before we want them. As Mac gamers, we see the PC and console releases and often think, “That’d be nice to have.” We’d take them all, good or bad. Feral is smarter. They pick and choose, and largely make the right decisions. Hitman: Absolution – Elite Edition is one of their latest right decisions.

Tablift hands-free iPad support for in bed or on the couch, reviewed

The Tablift is designed to hold your iPad in a stable and optimal viewing orientation regardless of any unevenness of the surface you are resting on. The stand’s patent pending design uses four independently adjustable “gooseneck” type legs that allow it to stand level and stable on virtually any cushioned surface, making it ideally suited for use in bed or on the couch reading or watching videos. For typing? Not so much.

Review: Out and about with the JiLL-E Tablet Messenger bag

I’ve always been happy with my wallet. I see women cramming everything they need for the day inside a purse, and I’ve considered myself lucky that my essentials can be shoved into my back pocket. With iPhones and iPads, however, that’s no longer the case; I need a backpack or laptop bag. With the JiLL-E Tablet Messenger bag, however, women can get get by with what they’re already used to.


id America L.E.D portable charger review

Light should go right up there with food and shelter. Nowadays at least, fear of the dark is rivaled only by fear of getting stuck with a dead iPhone battery. Enter id America’s L.E.D portable charger, which combines an external USB battery pack and dimmable LED light into one svelte package.


tech21 Anti-Glare Impact Shield provides hassle-free protection for iPhone 5/5s

When I received the tech21 Impact Shield for review, I didn’t expect the most interesting thing about it to be the application process. I’ve installed many screen protectors on my and my friends’ phones—everything from flimsy films to glass—and this is the first time it involved an installation mechanism that actually worked.

Why you should consider a gaming mouse, even if you’re not a gamer

I’m not much of a computer gamer, but I’m a big fan of some gaming hardware, especially gaming mice and mousepads, which I find typically offer excellent ergonomics, superior performance to regular point and click peripherals, and durable constructed. A case in point is the Razer Orochi laptop gaming mouse.

Find your inner idol with the iRig Voice microphone and EZ Voice app

IK Multimedia has made a name for itself as one of the go-to manufacturers of mobile device compatible audio equipment and software. For the most part, these are higher-end products aimed at musicians looking to record tracks or apply effects during performances. The iRig Voice, however, is aimed at and priced for girls (and boys) who just wanna have fun, as it were.


The Just Mobile AluBolt Lightning Dock gets it (mostly) right

I broke my Just Mobile AluBolt Lightning Dock. Well, technically, the baggage handlers at United Airlines broke it, but I’m an internal locus of control kind of guy, so I take the blame. Just Mobile doesn’t bill the AluBolt as a travel dock, after all, and I probably could’ve packed it better. But here’s the thing…I like the AluBolt so much that I immediately glued it back together and put it to proper use.


The PureGear DualTek XT is built for Extreme Terrain

The PureGear DualTek XT Extreme Terrain for iPhone 5/5s sacrifices some responsiveness in the name of military standard drop protection and IP65 certified protection from the elements, providing a good balance for when you’re snapping photos then texting for emergency help while spelunking Siberian sinkholes.


PhoneSuit Elite Battery Case for iPhone 5/5s review

Your iPhone battery stinks, but it’s your fault. You’re shooting HD video, playing 3D games, constantly checking Facebook, and applying filters to high-res photos. If you’re a hard core iPhone user, you’re going to need a battery backup. The PhoneSuit Elite Battery Case for iPhone 5/5s provides a power top-up along with wraparound protection.


Logitech offers Protection+ for iPhone 5/5s, reviewed

The Logitech Protection+ is a deceptive case. It doesn’t look to be as protective as it is. It adds noticable weight to your iPhone 5 or 5s, and it does make it thicker, but when you consider it exceeds exceeds military drop standards (MIL STD 810 G)—tested at drops from 1.8 meters—it’s actually pretty svelte for protection it provides.

Get ready for football with the InkFusion Lite iPhone case, reviewed

Short of changing your ringtone to the local radio guy announcing a touchdown, there’s no better way than an iPhone case to indicate your favorite NFL team to those around you who really don’t care at all. And for NFL licensed cases, there may be no better option than SkinIt’s InkFusion Lite.