Review: Move non-supported audio/video files to iPhone, iPad with WALTR

Not all media formats are created equal, but your iPhone doesn’t have to know that.

Review: Jamstik MIDI guitar for iOS

It looks like a baby Steinberger, but it can make a lot more sounds.

Review: Seek Thermal Camera for iPhone, Android

Your phone can see things you can’t. How cool is that?

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Organize that moat of devices circling your bed.

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Review: Robotex for Mac, PC and Linux

It’s your job to clear all the undesirable life forms from the planet on which we just dropped you.

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Ballistic offers up a Jewel to protect your little bit of portable handiness.

iPad accessory spotlight: Stratus XL Gaming Controller

It’s a must-have device for iPad gamers, but you’ll need to play a lot to justify the cost.


Got an iPad for the holidays? Protect it with SkinIt

The first thing you need to do with your new iPad Air 2 is protect it.

Review: Defenders of Time for OS X and PC

And no, it’s not a spill-over from the little dust-up between Gallifrey and Skaro.

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It stores a lot of stuff. Perhaps…too much stuff.

Review: Jagged Alliance Flashback for OS X and PC

Like an actual flashback, most of the memory is there, but there is something missing.