iPhone 6 mass production could kick off next week

According to a new report from Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, Foxconn is prepping to start mass production of the alleged 4.7-inch iPhone next week. This shouldn’t come as a surprise if the launch of the alleged iPhone 6 is set to be in September, which is usually the time when we get the first official look at the next-generation iPhone models.

iPhone 6 now rumored to come with 1,810 mAh battery

Recently, the folks at NoWhereElse posted some images of a battery which they believe will be a part of the iPhone 6. If the leaked image is for the iPhone 6, then the 1,810 mAh battery is in line with a rumor we heard earlier this month, which predicted a capacity between 1,800-1,900 mAh. It would also be a significant improvement over the 1,560 mAh battery found inside the iPhone 5s.

iPhone 6 camera could utilize 13MP Sony Exmor sensor

Traditional cameras have fallen by the wayside because of smartphones—the iPhone in particular. The iPhone has slowly become the most common camera device for the average consumer, and that change in the market is a result of the product’s great camera hardware and software. It is always expected Apple will improve the iPhone’s camera with each generation, and that appears to be true with the upcoming iPhone 6.


5.5-inch iPhone 6 may get delayed due to production issues

Apple is, of course, rumored to be working on two new iPhone 6 models carrying a bigger display—one being 5.5-inches while the second is 4.7-inches. And now, echoing rumors from a long time back, the phablet sized iPhone 6 model may get delayed due to production issues, which could push it back into 2015.

Apple’s A8 system-on-chip isn’t even out yet, but A9 rumor mills are already grinding

Apple is widely anticipated to be launching a presumably quad core, 64 bit, ARM based A8 central processor system-on-ship in a few weeks to power the new iPhone 6 and the next round of upgrades to the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display. The A8 SoC is plenty exciting, but there’s always something newer and faster coming next as chip foundaries vie for Apple orders.

iPhone 6 could include haptic feedback

Haptic feedback has been offered in Android phones for years, but Apple has refrained from offering it as a feature in the iPhone. That may change with the iPhone 6, according to a new report from the Chinese media. The feature would provide vibrations that will differ depending on what someone is doing on the phone and which part of the display is being touched.

Spigen teases the upcoming iPhone, could be known as iPhone Air

In case you haven’t yet had your fill iPhone rumor and speculation, here’s another interesting bit. Spigen—the popular case manufacturer known for teasing cases for unreleased products—has done it again. The company has teased an image on Google+ which may drop some hints about the upcoming iPhone 6.

4.7-inch iPhone 6 rumored to come with 1,900 mAh battery

This latest rumor may be disappointing if it turns out to be true. According to new reports from China, the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will come with battery capacity of 1,800 to 1,900 mAh. That’s an improvement over the current 1,570 mAh battery, but it may be a little small to power a 4.7-inch device.

New concept images of the purported iPhone 6

As we near the probable September release of the iPhone 6, we’ve seen countless dummy units, mockups, and what not. Most of them look incomplete, or are based on leaks that will likely prove inaccurate. For a better idea of what to expect, designers Tomas Moyano and Nicolàs Aichino created some concept images of the upcoming iPhone 6, which are by far the best ones we’ve seen to date.

Rumor: 5.5-inch iPhone 6 will launch on September 25

Another iPhone 6 release has surfaced—this one from the Chinese language website,—claiming Apple will announce the next generation iPhone on September 19th ahead of a September 25th launch. The purported iPhone 6 will come with a larger 5.5-inch display, and will be labeled the “iPhone Air.”

Images of alleged iPhone 6 screen glass cover

If you’re an Apple fan, you’ve certainly seen all the mockups and leaks that have been popping up all over the blogosphere. It’s hard to recall a day in the past few weeks (or months) when we didn’t come across anything related to the iPhone 6. Today’s no different, as some images of the alleged front screen of the iPhone 6 have surfaced from Chinese shores.

iPhone 6 mockups provide rough idea of the final product

Many of the iPhone 6 mockups we’ve seen over the past few months are said to be based on leaked schematics and other information available to us, but a new report from a reputed Japanese publication, Nikkei, suggests something a little different.